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Student organizations play a strategic role in molding the intellectual and civic consciousness of students. 

They serve as fertile grounds that build and nurture the character and dynamisms of young people to search for the truth and contribute to the betterment of society. 

In effect, student organizations are the bridges that link the intellectual discourse in the classroom to the social realities and the demand of a human community for equity and justice.

Head of Engineering Department

Telephone No.: 25686050

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Section

Dr. Suresh Haleyur Lakshmegowda
Head of Section
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Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Section

Dr. Elangovan Krishnamoorthy
Head of Section
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It is a great pleasure to welcome all students to the Engineering Department at Ibri College of Technology.

The engineering department is a young, dynamic and it is the newest department at IBRI CT. The engineering building was opened in September 2012 as the second main building in the college. Although the department is new, I believe it would be one of the most competitive, creative and innovative in the field of Engineering in the days to come. The department is equipped with state- of- the art facilities and highly qualified and experienced staff. To insure high standard of quality education, the department will continue to grow adapting the newest technologies and the best practices in engineering education.

The department is committed to achieve the college vision and mission and contribute in the development process of the country by fulfilling the market demand for highly qualified and skilled graduates. This can be achieved by quality teaching and training putting a great emphasis on practical work in workshops and laboratories through experiments, exercises and projects. In addition to that, health and safety and communication skills are also taken into consideration in order to raise the student’s awareness in health, safety and environmental issues affecting individuals at the workplace and surrounding community.