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A Message from a Dean

Today, technology plays a key role in the progress and development of nations. Technological education, therefore, is the means by which complex modern technologies can be acquired and ideally utilized to meet the requirements and needs of modern life.

It also provides opportunities for inventions, innovative and creative ideas that contribute to the building of an advanced civilized society.

As a renowned cornerstone of technological education in Oman, Ibri College of Technology strives to produce superb quality outcomes through a highly qualified administrative and academic cadre as well as ongoing development programs that help the college community to cope with the unstoppable proliferation of technological developments.

Moreover, the college is constantly developing its physical infrastructure by ensuring that classrooms, computer labs and workshops are well equipped with the most modern technological devices and equipment.

Furthermore, it implements effective systems and policies aimed at managing and maintaining teaching and learning to standards.

It also involves students by making them active participants in the teaching/training and learning process, stresses the basic principles of academic integrity and dedication to work, opens all avenues for students and faculty to show their talent and accommodate their needs, cares for their welfare and provides support and encouragement to everyone.

My message is an open invitation to all college students to work hard and to exploit all opportunities available to them in order to hone their skills and achieve remarkable results.

To all young Omanis I say "You have a bright future ahead with us".

Dr. Said Masoud Ali Kashoob
Dean at Ibri College of Technology