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The Educational Technologies Center (ETC) consists of three different sections: Computer Services Section, Educational Services Section and Library Section. The three sections play key role in facilitating and supporting the teaching learning process at Ibri College of technology. It is by no means certain that Educational Technologies Center (ETC) forms the backbone of the college through providing, monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure as well as other educational resources. Over the past years technology has developed rapidly and being unable to coinciding with such rapid development, we will be left behind. However, the serious challenge is not in getting the latest technology but in finding skilled personnel who could cope with it. ETC was and always gives professional development plenty of space through conducting training courses, workshops and seminars that help its staff to grow professionally.

Goals and Objectives

  • Implement and monitor IT infrastrature of the college.
  • Provide technical assistance for employees and students.
  • Provide cutting edge learning solution to the students.
  • Implement advanced interactive learning equipments.
  • Design, develop and implement E-learning.
  • Facilitate students learning center.
  • Conduct and facilitate staff development programs.
  • Provide essential training on the latest technologies for employees & students.
  • Deliver quality services as per the industrial standards.
  • Research, develop and implement latest technologies which can adopt for education for our college.