Educational Technology Center
Library Section

The library is a source of knowledge in the college to help people do their research, borrow books and benefit from their valuable source of knowledge.

The library is a section that belongs to ETC and its ultimate aim it to enhance the study of all users in the college.

It is located in the first floor of the building and it was a activated with the opening of the college 2008 .It has two main wards are for males and are for females.

Providing the resources of information is the most important services in the library that support the available specializations in the college, in addition to other sources in Arabic.

The library has 4 qualified staff who are ready to answer any inquiry from all users which’s a new service among the library various ones.

Services Offered

  • Provide the students/ staff of books and other learning materials.
  • Provide internet surfing for the students who wants to search and gain knowledge about the web.
  • Provide students with well suitable place for studying and discussion.
  • Assist all the staff and students printing materials such as newspaper, magazines and other sources of information.
  • Reproduce books and other printed materials for the students and staff.