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Quality Assurance Unit

Ibri College of Technology's performance is judged by the significance of its contribution to the community as assessed by the quality of its students and graduates, the excellence of its staff and its achievements in teaching and research in a regional context.

The college emphasises that quality assurance and improvement are fully embodied in its planning and decision-making processes. IBRICT is committed to systematically monitoring and accounting for its performance in relation to its plans through its Cycle of Planning and Accountability, which embodies the following core values contained in the IBRICT Strategic Plan:

Evaluation– the college is committed to the regular evaluation of its activities and processes and believes that self-evaluation and review are central to the College’s responsibility as an Educational institution. Assistance from external evaluators is sought where necessary to ensure objectivity and credibility; and

Decision-Making and Accountability – decisions within the College are made explicitly, openly and consistently, on the basis of relevant information, and as an integral part of the College’s accountability to its staff and students, to the public and to government.