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Quality Assurance Unit
Responsibilities of QA Officers

Academics and Administration

  • Review the Operational Plan of Dept. /Center and forward to QAU Head for approval.
  • Ensure the implementation of Ops at Department and Centers.
  • Conduct periodic meetings with the departments/centers to guide for the improvement of OPAR/Annual Report.
  • Collect the overall activity plan from the departments/centers. Review the plans according to the OP.
  • Monitor the implementation of the activity Plans.
  • Guide the QA members on various activities needed to attain the quality standards as identified in the College Vision, Mission and Goals.(if necessary)
  • Support the QA members in conducting QA awareness programs.
  • Review and follow-up the action plan for the audit reports of QD /OAAA submitted by QA members.
  • Prepare regular progress reports on QA activities and submit it to QAU Head.
  • Support the QA members to disseminate/create awareness/implement the College Policies.
  • Analyze OP review report (OPAR) etc. of the department/ Center.
  • Guide and support the maintenance of Quality Culture in all Departmental/Center activities through proper channel.
  • Prepare the formats/templates or use College level templates (wherever necessary) to standardize all department activities.
  • Assist QAU Head in conducting self-study at college and preparing the report.
  • Assist QA Head to review QAM, SP and other QA documents periodically.
  • Assist the QA Head in preparing annual report of the college.
  • Assist QA Head in reviewing, developing, implementing and monitoring of college policies.
  • Any other duty assigned by QAU Chairman/Head.