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Student Life

At Ibri College of Technology, we strive to provide first-class services for our students. We hope you take advantage of the many services, activities, and opportunities available to you, and we will make every effort to ensure that your experience here is rewarding.

Students who live on-campus have a variety of opportunities for personal growth and development. Students will receive a remarkable experience of campus life through both structured and informal programs and leadership opportunities throughout the academic year.

We encourage students to get involved in the exciting activities of campus life. From historical organizations to grassroots initiatives, the opportunities are endless for you to create your own unique experiences and memories.

Student Life's mission is to promote an environment committed to students’ personal, emotional, cultural, social, and ethical development. We support this unique learning environment through a variety of clubs and organizations, community-building events, experiential learning programs, leadership and volunteer opportunities. These resources enable our students to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Ibri College of Technology is committed to develop and provide student leaders with multiple opportunities to grow, to learn, and to expand their life experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Take advantage of the many opportunities available like:

  • Student Organizations
  • IbriCT Football Team
  • Students Activities
  • And many more!