Call for Proposals !

Proposal Submission Start: Thursday April 28, 2022
Proposal Submission End: Tuesday May 31, 2022


About this Conference

This ELT Virtual and In-person Conference is timely and significant when education institutions, systems, governments, and policy planners worldwide are exploring opportunities to fortify the education sector across the world. The ELT Virtual and In-person conference provides an opportunity to reflect on current trends, share experiences and perspectives, and respond to those challenges and give thoughtful insights to set the directions for better futuristic education. This conference provides the space and platform for professionals to present their posters, facilitate round table discussions, and conduct workshops, among other types of sessions. Throughout the conference, keynote speeches are opportunities for everyone to learn from experts and academicians who have contributed significantly to the educational landscape. Pathways to Teaching is a new, innovative way for teachers to seek “our growth”. Knowledge is actively constructed, discovered, transformed, and extended in the new teaching paradigm. The teacher's effort is to develop learners' competencies and talents; education is a personal transaction among learners and between teachers and learners as they work together. Learning and teaching English in the age of globalization, digitalization and diversifications have constantly challenged our current understanding of the learners. In order to maximize the effectiveness of education, we need to innovate our curriculum, pedagogy, assessments and evaluation continuously. The innovative methods and novel ideas pave way to immense possibilities that makes language learning more meaningful and valuable. This conference is one of those platforms where one can exchange the know-how of contribution to the world of ELT. The repertoire of ideas, experiences and discussions make way for possibilities.

Conference Subthemes
1- New Trends and Modern Approaches in ELT
2- ELT and Technology
3- Special Education
4- New Trends in Research
5- Evaluation in Education
6- Teaching-Learning Relationship
7- Global Implications of Education
8- Organizational Challenges of Education

Conference Objective
The annual event aims to foster a collaborative space for professionals in Oman and all around the world to gather innovative methodologies, strategies, and techniques to overcome the dilemmas educators face in this new virtual learning context.

Important Dates
Proposal Submission Start: Thursday April 28, 2022
Proposal Submission End: Tuesday May 31, 2022
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: ONE week after receiving the proposals
Participants Registration Start: Wednesday June 1, 2022
Participants Registration End: Thursday June 16, 2022
Please note that there will be an on-site registration for Thursday June 30, 2022 (Day 2)


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