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Health and Safety Committee of Business Studies Department conducted presentation on “Hazards of excessive use of mobile phone” for Business Studies students on 10th and 11th June 2019. 

The Committee Coordinator Mr. Enthiyaz Khan explained the students how radio frequency energy from mobile phones are harmful for human body. He also explained how to reduce the usage of mobile phones and take safety precautions while using mobile phones. The purpose of conducting this program was to enrich the knowledge of students on hazards of excessive use of mobile phones and the ways to minimize their mobile usage.


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The Business Studies Department organised a get-together event on Tuesday 9th July 2019 from 13:00 pm to 14:00 pm, at the VIP room, to celebrate the end of the academic year 2018 - 2019. The head of the Business Studies Department, Mr Omar Al-Balushi, delivered a speech on the key achievements of the Department during the current academic year. He also thanked business staff members for their efforts and contributions wishing them a nice summer holiday. Then, he gave a memento of appreciation to Mr Prasad Who will be leaving the college after this summer semester and Dr Ansurl Haque for being awarded as the employee of the month in June 2019. At the end of the event, there was a lunch buffet with a variety of dishes.

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU), represented by four business students, Shihab Al Alawi, Nassr Al Mammari, Yarub Al Mamari and Shoukat Al Balushi, participated in the Leadership and Management Forum on Sunday, 30th June 2019, at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center. The forum was organised by Oman Academy for SMEs. It was delivered by Dr John Maxwell, an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 16 million books. Dr John Maxwell discussed some of the key topics in leadership, including how to become an influential and charismatic leader for life, how to live your life with intention and the five levels of leadership. The four students expressed their satisfaction for attending such a big event and gaining valuable learning experiences. 

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The head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU), Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, participated in the 8th Student Forum for Technical Colleges held at Salalah College of Technology (SCT) from 19th to 20th June 2019. On the first day of the forum, there was an inauguration held under the auspices of Sheikh Salim bin Aufeit bin Abdullah al Shanfari, head of Dhofar Municipality. Then, four speakers delivered presentations concerning the importance of protecting innovative ideas, the use of innovative products in One-million Date Palms Project, key investments by Oman Technology Fund (OTF) and students’ innovative projects. There was also an exhibition for projects created by students from Salalah College of Technology. On the second day of the forum, SCT organised an educational trip to Salalah Free Zone to get more insights into the key facilities provided to investors in the Free Zone.

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The workshop was conducted by Business studies department of Al Musanna College of Technology, sponsored by Sohar port freezone on 20th June 2019. Department of Business Studies of Ibri College of Technology nominated 4 members - Mr. Omar Hasan Ali Al-Balushi, Dr.Mohammed Abed Ali, Mr. Manikandan, and Dr. Mohammed Quadir Mohiuddin to attend this workshop.

The said workshop was from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., Auditorium of ACT. The session’s resource person Dr.Hashil Al-Saadi discussed about Making the Most of Higher Education: Promoting Learner Autonomy for survival in the 21st century and Student Engagement in Learning: Critiquing Current practices and Exploring New Venues.  

The participants for this workshop were from all the COT’s. The participants of IbriCT got an opportunity to interact with all the fellow fraternity for exchange their view and ideas about the teaching and learning in the current situation. 

The participants extend their heartfelt thanks to the College Management and Department Council for nominating us for such learning environment.

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The coordinator of Entrepreneurship Club (E-club), Mr Zaid Al-Badi, participated in the 2nd Entrepreneurship Forum organised by Higher College of Technology from 16th to 17th of June 2019 at Crown Plaza Muscat Hotel. On the first day of the forum, Dr Ahmed Al-Ghassani, CEO of the Public Authority for SME Development, delivered a presentation on the role of higher education institutions in entrepreneurship ecosystem development. Also, success stories for Omani entrepreneurs were shared for inspiring students and motivate them to become entrepreneurs. On the second day of the forum, HCT organised business ideas marathon for 18 higher education institutions. IbriCT was represented by five members of the E-club. The participants were asked to present their feasibility studies to a panel of professional entrepreneurs and were evaluated accordingly. HCT got the first-prize with an award of 1500 OMR, College of Applied Sciences – Sur got the second-prize with an award of 1000 OMR  and Sultan Qaboos University got the third-prize with an award of 500 OMR.

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An industrial visit to Royal Oman Police Head Quarters in IBRI was conducted on 16th June 2019 for Business Department students of IBRI College. 

Lt. Zuwaina Khasib Al Karimi and Capt. Malik Bashir Al Dahmani of Royal Oman Police officials briefed the students about how ROP manages its administration, work allotment, finance management, revenue generation etc. They also briefed how technology is being used for effective office management and maintaining law and order situation in IBRI region. 

The students interacted with officials of different Ranks and Departments and were briefed how planning and administration at ROP is done.  

Dr. Vishwanath, OJT coordinator, Business studies department and Mr. Ali al Alawi IBRI college OJT coordinator have coordinated the visit.

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Business Society of Department of Business Studies organized NATURA for students to “Be Creative and Reuse it” the recycle Items.  The program was inaugurated in lecturer theatre at 9.30am by HOD Mr Omar Al Balushi and HOS Ms Safiya Al Hamdi. Students Noor Al Gharibi and Maitha Saeed Alisaee briefed the audience about the program. 

Under the guidance of Mr Ali Al Gafri, Head Student Activities Department, a short skit (dramatic humorous sketch) was performed by three students Mazin Ahmed AlZidjali, Mohammed Zayid Al Rujaibi and Omar Bati Alsukaiti.  Audience enjoyed it with great applause and encouraged all performers. After the Sketch HOD and HOS along with audience visited multipurpose hall for NATURA Exhibition where students exhibited their talent by preparing different items using recyclable items. There wer around 30 exhibits and the prizes in the exhibition were won by the following students:

1st prize by Manal Mohammed Masoud Al-Jassasi & Nouf Said Salim Al-Mamari

2nd Prize by Alia Said Ali Al-yaqoobi

3nd Prize by Abir Abdullah Almamari, Anfal Saif Aljabri, Ruiqya Awadh Alkalbani (Students of Entrepreneurship Supervisor Mr Syed Akram)

A ‘Best out of Waste’ workshop was conducted in room 016B from 12 to 2pm. Student Aliya was the organizer and 15 students participated in it. The Prize was won by Manal Mohammed Masoud Al-Jassasi & Nouf Said Salim Al-Mamari.  

At 2 pm closing ceremony was held at Lecturer Theatre by Student Mohammed Amir. Assistant Dean Student Affairs Ms. Nawal Al Sawafi and HOD Mr. Omar Al Balushi distributed prizes to winners and participation certificate to all participants including Business Society Students Organizers and Staff Members.

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Under the patronage of Dr Muna Al Jardani, Undersecretary of Ministry of Manpower for Technical Education and Vocational Training, Oman Academy for SME organised a graduation ceremony for honouring 48 faculty members who successfully completed the Certified Entrepreneurship Educator (CEE) programme. The ceremony was organised on Wednesday, 12th of June 2019, at Levatio Hotel, Muscat. IbriCT was represented by two of its members; Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit, and Mr Manikandan Sathyamoorthy, accounting lecturer at the Business Studies Department. 

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The Risk Management Committee of the Department of Business Studies conducted an awareness Program on Risk Management for different levels of students of Business Studies on 7th March and 10th March 2019. The program objective was to create awareness among the students on Risk Management and collect the risks from the students. 

Mr Enthiyaz khan, the coordinator of the Risk Management Committee, gave a presentation in this regard. In his presentation, he gave clear understanding of the meaning of Risk Management, the objectives of Risk Management at IBRICT. 

While explaining Risk identification, he explained different types of risks such as Strategic, Operational, Financial, Complain and Reputation risks along with their definitions and examples. He also collected the risks from the students . It was an interactive session, which enhanced the knowledge of audiences on various aspects of Risks and its Management.

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