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On 29 January 2018, IbriCT OJT Committee in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Committee of Department of Business Studies organised a presentation on ‘Edlal’ – the first Omani open e-learning platform launched by Omantel. The presentation was held at the Lecture Theater of IbriCT.

Edlal is a knowledge-based platform that aims to contribute in preparing young Omanis to join the workforce by equipping them with the required skills and knowledge for the market. It also plays a dynamic role in enhancing the Arabic language content on the Internet with timely and reliable information.

Mr Aflah Al-Shukaili, the Ambassador of Edlal, Ibri and student council member of IBRICT, enlightened the audience at the session. He presented an overview of Edlal, its applications in business and its usefulness for the students. The speaker also provided inputs to students on how to login by using the username and password in a detailed way.

This is the first Arabic version of the application introduced by Omantel which focuses on entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economy drivers, including majors in programming, computer science, economy and administration, among other relevant subjects. It seeks to help and equip Omani youth with the necessary skills to enter the job market and to make the latest and best-practice learning materials in Arabic language available.

About 25 students benefitted from this interactive session and they received useful tips to get exposure in a new part of business life. The program was successfully conducted and on behalf of Entrepreneurship Committee, I am thankful to the college management, Head of Business Studies Department and OJT college coordinator Mr. Zaid Al-Badi and faculty members of the department for their cooperation in conducting this event successfully.

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