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The Business Society organized MONOLITH 2018, an intercollegiate competition, on 26 November 2018. In all, six Colleges of Technologies participated in this event which comprised of three competitions viz.

Business Puzzle, 

Bloom’s Pyramid and 

Firm’s logo

The program started at 10 am by inauguration from business society member, welcoming all the participants of various Colleges, HOS, HOD and ADAA, for MONOLITH 2018.  

The first event was Business Puzzle, which was conducted by Mr. Mohammed Sakiti, lecturer, Business Department. This competition was organized with the purpose of testing the students’ knowledge on Oman’s Economy and current economic scenario. Six teams with 3 participants in each group participated.  The quiz master of Business Puzzle started by explaining the rules and regulations of the competition. It had three stages, with elimination of two teams with least score at the end of each stage. Only two teams were designed to qualify to the third and final stage of this competition. Nizwa College of Technology bagged the honours and the Higher College of Technology took the second position. 

The second event was the Bloom’s Pyramid which was conducted by Mr Sandeep Kale, lecturer, Business Department. This event was designed with the objective of testing the students in 6 different cognitive levels of Remembering, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation and Creation. Here also six teams participated with 3 participants in each team. The quiz master started by explaining the rules and regulations of the program. This event had 6 rounds of quizzing in line with the cognitive levels in the pyramid. There were two eliminations, one at the end of the second round and the other one at the end of round four. At each elimination, two teams with the least scores were eliminated and only two teams advanced to the final stages of the competition. The Higher College of Technology bagged the honours here and Shinas College of Technology took the second spot.

The last event of this program was a Firm’s Logo designing competition in which the participating teams had to design a logo for a Business Firm.  This event was conducted by Dr Vishwanath and Dr Mohd. Abed Ali, both lecturers from Business Department. The objective of this event was to assess the student’s creativity skills. Here also five teams with 2 participants in each team participated.  The competition organizers started it by explaining the rules and regulations of the program. It had two stages, with three teams getting eliminated at the end of round one. The remaining two teams advancing to the final stage. All the teams tried their best to bring in a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skillful application in designing their Logo.  In the end, the prized winner was Nizwa College of Technology while Shinas College of Technology secured the second spot.

The program ended at 3 pm with the closing ceremony initiated by society’s president, thanking all the Colleges for participation. HOD Dr.Nasser Al Kalbani and Ms. Safiya al Hamdi, HOS and Chairman, Business Society awarded prizes to the winners with mementoes and certificate.  All the participants of various Colleges were given certificate of participation. The event was rounded off by awarding all the members of the Business Society and the student organizers wonderful team of boys and girls for their untiring efforts in making this event a grand success.

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