Seminar on Enhancing E-Learning Potential

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Learning and Resource Committee of the Department of Business Studies of Ibri College of Technology organized a practical session on enhancing E-Learning potential in teaching and learning methodology. The seminar formally inaugurated with the introductory address by Dr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdullah Al Ismaili, Head of the Department of Business, stressed the importance of following the rules, regulations and college policies and procedures. He also explained the possible instances of plagiarism that cannot be detected by the Turnitin software. He expressed the seriousness of checking the assignment diligently and returning the comments back to the students for corrections in the assignments. The session was more focused on the Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy of MoM and eLearning applications to fulfill it. Dr. Syeda Zubaida Hashmi, Coordinator of Learning and Resource Committee acquit the gathering of faculty members with a practical overview of the Plagiarism Policy of MoM, Assignment evaluation, online quizzes, and uploading YouTube videos. The session was followed by questions and answers on which Dr. Zubaida positively replied. The instructions on improving the quality of assignments' evaluation and the need for the students' awareness of the policy was the center of the session. The teachers are also informed about the supervision by the higher authorities to ensure the quality of education and utilization of the eLearning is in place.


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Sunday, 23 February 2020 00:00 Written by  Dr Zubaida In Business Studies
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