An Entrepreneurial Talk by the Owners of Dexter’s Lab Café

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) organised an entrepreneurial talk on Thursday, 5th March 2020, from 10 am to 11:30 am at the VIP room. Mr Abdulaziz Al-Ghafri and Mr Morai Al-Yaqoobi, the owners of Dexter’s Lab Café, delivered a presentation on the journey of their business emphasizing the business idea, unique features of the business, challenges faced by the owners, marketing techniques and future plans. They also drew 20 free vouchers for the attendees to visit the café. At the end of the presentation, the head of IEU, Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, provided a certificate of appreciation to the speakers thanking them for their participation.


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Sunday, 08 March 2020 00:00 Written by  Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti In Business Studies
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