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  The Entrepreneurship Committee, Career Guidance Office and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Unit of Ibri College of Technology arranged an industrial visit to Ocean Plastic Industry in Ibri, on 28 January 2019. The students pursuing the Entrepreneurship course in their second-year diploma were taken to the company at 10am. They were accompanied by Mr Syed Akram Pasha (course teacher) and Mr Zaid (CGO).

 The main objective of the visit was to enlighten the students’ practical knowledge on entrepreneurship processes. During their visit, students saw the entire factory, received an overview of the organisational structure, and witnessed various processes carried out in plastic manufacturing. In addition to this, the company personnel explained to the students the types of plastic bags produced and their quality aspects to be accounted for making plastics. Furthermore, the importance of recycling process was also explained, and the students were shown how it is done. The visit ended with question and answer session with the company employees and the visit ended at 11.45am. Around 25 students were present and benefited from the experience.

 The visit was successfully conducted and on behalf of Entrepreneurship Committee I am thankful to the college management, assistant dean for student affairs, assistant dean for administration and finance, head of the Business Studies Department, Ocean Plastic Industry management and its employees and special word of thanks is extended to the Career Guidance Office coordinator, Mr Zaid Al-Badi, Ms Amal Al Mamari (Head of IESU Unit) and faculty members of the Business Studies Department.



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On 15 January 2019 the Learning Resource Committee of the Business Studies Department organised a workshop for its staff members on ‘Adapting ProQuest’ in their teaching methodology.

The purpose of this workshop was to create awareness among the staff members on ProQuest, its applications and how its resources support in research and learning. The workshop was aimed at encouraging teachers to include ProQuest in their teaching methodology so as to make the students’ learning process more fruitful.

Dr Syeda Zubaida Hashmi, the committee coordinator, gave the presentation wherein she introduced the staff members to ‘ProQuest’ and its uses. Later she demonstrated the steps involved in registering oneself as a member and the subsequent process on how it can be included into one’s research and learning. She also demonstrated on how to register the students on ProQuest and how they can use its applications in their learning.

She urged the members to encourage their students to register and start using various applications on ProQuest and make their learning more resourceful. All the members benefitted from this session and felt that ProQuest can indeed help the teachers and students in their teaching and learning pursuit.



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The IQAC of the Business Studies Department, in coordination with the Policy Management Committee, organised a Policy Awareness (First) Session, for the staff of the department on Tuesday, 15 January 2019 in room 016B at 11.45am. Dr Surendar Vaddepalli, IQAC coordinator of the department, conducted the session. 

He commenced the session by briefing the attendees on the purpose and importance of the awareness of different policies. The attendees were then divided into groups and each group was allocated one approved policy, to be read and discussed among the group members. 

The groups were then asked to highlight the important points of their allotted policy in the form of a summary and deliver it to the audience in the form of presentation so as to make each staff aware of the policies. 

Awareness activities on the Communication Policy, Documentation Policy, Exit Interview Policy, Mobile Phone and Gadgets Policy, Student Feedback Policy, Staff Induction Policy and Student Advising Policy were held during this first session. 

All the staff attended and benefitted from attending the session. The session concluded at 12.45pm.


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The Business Studies Department, represented by Mr Mohammed Al Sakiti, participated in a three-day workshop on “Train the Trainer” from 18 to 20 December 2018 in Muscat. The workshop was organised and delivered by Ishraqa as part of Khimji Ramdas Institute’s commitment towards the society. The training programme is certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), UK.

On the first day of the workshop, different topics were covered, including the characteristics of an exceptional trainer, learning styles, and how to design a training programme. All the participants delivered a training session on the second day of the workshop and received immediate feedback from the trainer. On the third day of the workshop, the participants were taught in depth on adult learning theory, and how to evaluate a training programme. 

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The Students Research Committee of the Business Studies Department organised a presentation on Secondary Data Analysis Using E-Views and Report Writing, on 4 December 2018, from 12pm to 2pm in the Free Access Lab (A018B). The purpose of the presentation was to demonstrate data analysis acumen and report writing skills for students who are doing Research Project for the first time. 

Ms Laly Antony, Lecturer, Accounting, handled the first session. She demonstrated to the project students how to draft the Project Report using Microsoft Word. 

Dr M. Tamilslevan conducted the second session in which he gave a presentation on how to perform data analysis using software such as E-Views and MS Excel. He performed regression analysis using independent and dependent variables and showed the cause and effect relationship between the variables. 

The 25 students who participated learned how to perform data analysis and interpret the results. Students from both Advanced Diploma and Bachelor classes had a very interactive session which was coordinated by Dr Ansarul Haque, Project Coordinator.


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The Entrepreneurship Committee and Career Guidance Office, in collaboration with Eshraqa-Khimji Ramdas Training and Consultancy Division, Muscat, organised the Campus to Corporate Leadership Workshop in the Multi-Purpose Hall on 14 November 2018. The workshop consisted of two sessions. 

The first session started at 9.30 am with a presentation by Mr Nadeem Ahmed, General Manager, Khimji Training and Development Division - about the basic concepts of leadership, communication, innovation and team management skills. The presentation was followed by a creative activity ‘Castle with Flag’ for the students in groups. The objective was to enlighten the students on team building skills. The first session finished at 11.45am. 

The second session started at 12.15pm. In this session the seven habits of successful people were discussed. The objective was to make students aware of the Professional Behavioural Skills, Personality Development Skills, the challenges ahead, and how to control the mind. The discussion was followed with an activity ‘Spaghetti- Marshmallow competition’. The objective was to explore the design process of thinking, doing, and iteration among the students. This session finished at 2.45pm. 

Around 90 students from all departments, including alumni, attended the sessions. All of them, divided in groups, participated enthusiastically and interacted well with the presenters and gained awareness on various skills that will help them to move forward in their future. Each group leader shared the feedback of what their group learned from the workshop. 

As a token of appreciation, a memento was given to the presenter by Dr Said Masoud Ali Kashoob, college dean. The event was successfully conducted and on behalf of the Entrepreneurship Committee and I am thankful to the college management, assistant dean for student affairs, assistant dean for administrative and finance department, head of Business Studies Department, Khimji Ramdas Company, and a special thanks to the Career Guidance Office coordinator, Mr Zaid Al Badi and faculty members of the Business Studies Department.


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The Business Society organized MONOLITH 2018, an intercollegiate competition, on 26 November 2018. In all, six Colleges of Technologies participated in this event which comprised of three competitions viz.

Business Puzzle, 

Bloom’s Pyramid and 

Firm’s logo

The program started at 10 am by inauguration from business society member, welcoming all the participants of various Colleges, HOS, HOD and ADAA, for MONOLITH 2018.  

The first event was Business Puzzle, which was conducted by Mr. Mohammed Sakiti, lecturer, Business Department. This competition was organized with the purpose of testing the students’ knowledge on Oman’s Economy and current economic scenario. Six teams with 3 participants in each group participated.  The quiz master of Business Puzzle started by explaining the rules and regulations of the competition. It had three stages, with elimination of two teams with least score at the end of each stage. Only two teams were designed to qualify to the third and final stage of this competition. Nizwa College of Technology bagged the honours and the Higher College of Technology took the second position. 

The second event was the Bloom’s Pyramid which was conducted by Mr Sandeep Kale, lecturer, Business Department. This event was designed with the objective of testing the students in 6 different cognitive levels of Remembering, Understanding, Application, Analysis, Evaluation and Creation. Here also six teams participated with 3 participants in each team. The quiz master started by explaining the rules and regulations of the program. This event had 6 rounds of quizzing in line with the cognitive levels in the pyramid. There were two eliminations, one at the end of the second round and the other one at the end of round four. At each elimination, two teams with the least scores were eliminated and only two teams advanced to the final stages of the competition. The Higher College of Technology bagged the honours here and Shinas College of Technology took the second spot.

The last event of this program was a Firm’s Logo designing competition in which the participating teams had to design a logo for a Business Firm.  This event was conducted by Dr Vishwanath and Dr Mohd. Abed Ali, both lecturers from Business Department. The objective of this event was to assess the student’s creativity skills. Here also five teams with 2 participants in each team participated.  The competition organizers started it by explaining the rules and regulations of the program. It had two stages, with three teams getting eliminated at the end of round one. The remaining two teams advancing to the final stage. All the teams tried their best to bring in a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skillful application in designing their Logo.  In the end, the prized winner was Nizwa College of Technology while Shinas College of Technology secured the second spot.

The program ended at 3 pm with the closing ceremony initiated by society’s president, thanking all the Colleges for participation. HOD Dr.Nasser Al Kalbani and Ms. Safiya al Hamdi, HOS and Chairman, Business Society awarded prizes to the winners with mementoes and certificate.  All the participants of various Colleges were given certificate of participation. The event was rounded off by awarding all the members of the Business Society and the student organizers wonderful team of boys and girls for their untiring efforts in making this event a grand success.

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The Entrepreneurship Committee of the Department of Business Studies, in collaboration with the Career Guidance Office – IbriCT, organised the Entrepreneur Experience Sharing Programme in the Lecture Theatre, on 23 October 2018 from 10.00am to 11.00am for students. 

The objective of the session was to motivate and inspire students with real-world experiences which were reflected in the presentation given by Mr Mohammed Abdullah Al Madarsi, owner of Gym Café, Ibri that offers coffee with a variety of flavours to its customers.

In this lively session Mr Mohammed shared with the students his experiences how he ventured into the business world, the entrepreneurship process he went through with new ideas, the difficulties faced and how he overcame them. He also enlightened them on the various ways to find sources of new ideas and how to start a small business from them.

After the presentation, students were participated in an activity competition to select and present the best business idea and were suitably awarded with a gift.  In addition, a stall was displayed by Gym Café from 10am. to 2pm in college reception area for all. Free samples of their products were distributed as a part of the marketing strategy of a business. The presentation ended with the interaction of students to present their views about entrepreneurship ideas.

Some 60 students attended and benefited from the session. As a token of appreciation, a certificate was issued to the presenter by the staff members along with the student counsel coordinator. The event was successfully conducted and for this, on behalf of the Entrepreneurship Committee, I am thankful to the college management, HoD and HoS of Business Studies Department, Gym Café and a special word of thanks to the Career Guidance Office Coordinator, Mr Zaid Al Badi, and faculty members of the Business Studies Department.


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The Student Research Committee of the Business Studies Department conducted a workshop on 10 October 2018 on “Research Proposal Writing” for senior and graduation project students, in the VIP Room of the college. The objective of the workshop was to provide an awareness on, and significance of, writing research proposals and how it helps the researcher to accomplish the desired outcomes from the research.

Dr Ansarul Haque, as the resource person, discussed the need and importance of a research proposal. He also added how good research proposals are funded by different funding agencies in Oman.

In his presentation the speaker highlighted the essentials of a good proposal and explained in detail how students can bring good quality to their research proposals.

Dr Ansarul then discussed the content of a quality research proposal at length. He also made students aware about The Research Council of Oman (TRC) and its funding guidelines for good researches programmes.

The session was interactive, and lasted about an hour, with 20 students participating along with faculty members from the Business Studies Department.


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 An OJT orientation programme was organised on 23 October 2018 from 12pm to 1pm in the Lecture Theatre at Ibri College of Technology. The College OJT Committee, in coordination with the Business Studies Department, Information Technology Department, and Engineering Departments, organised the event. 

Mr Saif Al Alawi, the HR manager of Majan Electricity Company, Suhar branch, was invited as guest speaker for the event. He explained to the students the significance of on-the-job-training and also explained the significance of planning in life. 

Mr Ali Al-Alawi, the college OJT coordinator, briefed the students about college OJT procedures and elaborated the details of organisations that are willing to provide OJT along with stipend. 

Dr Vishwanath, OJT coordinator for the Business Studies Department, briefed the students about the significance of OJT and how students can use OJT as a platform to bridge the gap between students’ capabilities and organisational expectations.

The OJT Coordinators of the IT Department Mr Junaith Nasser, Mr Taher and Mr Prasad, OJT Coordinator from the Engineering Department, also had an interactive session with students regarding the on-the-job training procedures in their chosen field of specialisation. 

About 45 students attended this interactive orientation programme and benefitted from it.


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