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The Health and Safety Committee of the Business Studies Department conducted a programme on home remedies and health management for the Business Studies Department staff on 7 December 2017, from 10am to 11am in Class Room 91 A. The objective of the programme was to increase the knowledge of the staff members on home remedies and health management.

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The Business Studies Department took a forward step to conduct a series of Workshops on Bloom’s Taxonomy. The first workshop was conducted on 5 June 2017 from 11.15 am to 01.15 pm in the VIP Lounge.   The workshop started with an introduction by Dr Tamilselvan, welcoming HOD, HOS HR and Accounting and staff members of the Business Studies Department.

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The IQAC of the Business Studies Department organised the Student Induction Programme on 29 and 30 May 2018, for the students who joined Diploma Courses in May 2018 of AY 2017-18, in Introduction to Business classrooms. The session was organised in coordination with the Registration Committee of the BSD. The objective of the programme was to create awareness about the facilities available in the college for an effective teaching-learning process.

Dr Surendar, IQAC coordinator, Mr Jaya Kumar, coordinator of the Registration Committee, and Mr Abdul Naser, member of the Registration Committee of the department, conducted these sessions. Dr Surendar commenced the session by briefing the vision and mission, organisational structure, programmes offered by the department, and explained more particularly on code of conduct, student grievances, plagiarism policy, rules and regulations. Mr Jayakumar and Mr Abdul Nasser explained more about Students Advising, Students Registration, study levels and progression, Students Counselling, Examinations and Assessments, Student’s Attendance and probations. 

Mr Jayakumar highlighted the credit hours, different policies that are available on the college website, the Student Assessment method, probation status, dismissal cases and other details. He further explained the role of advisors and how they help the students in pursuing their studies especially while choosing specialization and choosing right combination of courses to optimise their learning. 

Mr Abdul Naser advised the students to get in touch with their respective advisors for further details. He also gave the details of student clubs in the Business Department and motivated the students to participate in those activities for their overall personality development. The speaker concluded his presentation by creating awareness about the facilities available in the college for an effective teaching-learning process.  Feedback from the students was collected at the end of the session. Around 68 students attended the induction program and benefitted from it.


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The Department of Business Studies at Ibri College of Technology organised the National Symposium (NSBE 2018) on the theme “Emerging Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in Business Management and Economics” on Thursday, 10 May 2018. The event focussed on providing a profound and interactive platform to academics, researchers, industrialists, professionals and alumni to come up with their research, findings and views in support of Oman’s economic proliferation.

The Entrepreneurship Committee and College OJT Committee, in collaboration with the SME Development Fund, organised a workshop on Inma Leadership as a part of series of E-club activities at Ibri College of Technology, VIP Room, on 7 May 2018. It started at 09.30am and finished at 02.30pm. In continuation with the earlier semesters’ activity, the stage 3 and stage 4 sessions were conducted. The workshop was started by Mr Qais Al Balushi, Trainer, SME Development Fund, with his presentation. It was followed by a training session with grouping of students and conducting activities for inculcating the various skills of entrepreneurship. The activities included presentation skills, icebreakers, idea generation and games. As part of the fourth session, the stage was set for coaching the students on how to work with small and normal hands on jobs under the ‘Hands of Oman’ caption and the talk was given by the students, trained by Mr Qais Al Balushi.

Around 35 students took part and benefitted from the workshop to move forward. It was successfully conducted and on behalf of Entrepreneurship Committee. I am thankful to the College Management, Heads of Business Studies Department, SME Development Fund, for their support with special thanks to OJT college coordinator Mr Zaid Al-Badi and faculty members of Business Studies Department.


The Business Studies Department, represented by Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, participated in a three-day workshop on “Entrepreneurial Finance” from 13 to 15 May 2018 in Muscat. The workshop was part of the Certified Entrepreneurship Educator (CEE) Programme, organised by the SME Development Fund, to spread an entrepreneurial culture among academics. The workshop was delivered by Prof Sandeep Dahiya, an Associate Professor of Finance at Georgetown University, USA. 

On the first day of the workshop, different topics were covered, including the basics of finance, financial statements, financial forecasting, financial ratios and revenue models. The second day of the workshop focused on business models, business planning, attracting capital for SMEs and working capital. The last topic was very interesting as all participants were engaged in a working capital simulation to learn how to make good financial decisions. On the third day of the workshop, the participants were divided into different teams and had practical exercises on business valuation, funding models and social entrepreneurship. Adding to this, Prof Sandeep shared some of the key pedagogy techniques that faculty members can use to deliver their courses. 

“Entrepreneurial Finance” was the last module of the CEE Programme. SME Development Fund will organise a big ceremony next month for the participants who have successfully completed the four modules of this programme.


The Business Studies Department, represented by Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, participated in the First National Symposium on “Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Oman” on Monday, 16 April 2018, at Muscat College. The symposium consisted of three main sessions. In the opening session, the keynote speaker, Ms. Sharifa Al Barami, Managing Director, Oman Technology Fund, gave a speech on the key elements that make both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial eco-systems successful.

The Entrepreneurship Committee and College OJT committee in collaboration with SME Development Fund organized a workshop on Inma Leadership as a part of E-club activities in IbriCT, VIP Room, on 18 March 2018.
The workshop that started at 09.00am and ended at 02.30pm was conducted in two sessions. Both the sessions were conducted by Mr Nadeem Ahmed, Trainer from Eshraqa, Kimji Ramdas Training and Development Center with Mr Qais Al-balushi (SME Trainer) and Mr Nithin (Trainer in Kimji Ramdas) 

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Department of Business Studies, IbriCT feels proud to inform that our students had participated in SYNERGY 2018 held at Shinas College of Technology on 19th March 2018. They have won the FIRST PRIZE in the event ‘INTERCOLLEGIATE BUSINESS QUIZ’. Our College team stood first among the six teams from all the COT’s, which participated, in the said event. The Student details are:

Student entrepreneurs, studying at IbriCT, represented the college at the first forum of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Club. The Higher College of Technology, in collaboration with Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Development Fund, organised the forum on 12 March 2018 at Al Noor Hall, Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, Muscat.
Around 17 student entrepreneurs from our college participated in the forum accompanied by Mr Zaid Al Badi, College OJT Coordinator. The purpose of this programme was to inculcate the entrepreneurial culture among the students in different colleges through EI – Clubs.
The participants were guided and encouraged, through various activities, to create new ideas and start new businesses. They were given a better understanding of the significance and the need of entrepreneurial ventures in Oman in the current economic scenario.
By participating in various group activities, the students got more knowledge about the challenges and difficulties in creating new ideas and transforming them into fruitful businesses. They also learnt important things relevant to the procedural aspects of starting a new business and expanding the existing ones. The students returned satisfied with rich and more experience of creative ideas for their future ventures.

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