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Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, an HRM lecturer and the head of IEU, participated in the 1st International Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education from 10 to 12 February 2020 at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). Different themes have been discussed in the conference, including active learning, learning space design, critical thinking and professional development. Mr Mohammed presented a research paper in the professional development theme titled “The Impact of Informal Learning on the Professional Development of Academics”.

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The Students Research Committee (SRC) of Business Studies Department has organized a presentation on “Review of Literature and Sampling Techniques”, on 28th January 2020, between 12.00 Pm to 2.00 pm at the VIP Room. The presentation had been planned as two sessions. At the outset, Dr.M.Tamilslevan gave an introduction about the presentation theme and the resource persons. The first session was handled by Dr.Laly Antony, she demonstrated the importance of review of the literature and how the literature survey should be conducted. The second session was handled by Mr. Mohammed Faizal about Sampling Techniques. He elaborated on the importance of sampling and its methods. Around 60 students from both advanced diploma and bachelor level and 13 staff members participated in the presentation. Dr.Anasar and Dr.M.Tamilslevan – Project- Coordinators have organized and coordinated the orientation program. 

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As a Series of Business Society Activities in coordination with Entrepreneurship Committee, organized a “Workshop on Viestintä” for first-year diploma students on 4th Feb 2020 (Tuesday) at 11:00 am in Multipurpose Hall. Dr. Manjula Veerabhadrappa started the workshop with a presentation stating the importance of communication, elaborating several ways of communication, detailing the barriers of communication with a small video. After the video presentation, a group activity was conducted for 100 students dividing them into 10 students a team with a unique name. Each team was assigned an activity to explore their communication skills and personal talents. During the event, the team’s performance was closely monitored and assessed by two judges. Later, prizes were distributed to the winning team and concluded the session at 1 pm. In their conclusion ceremony, Business Society thanked Dr. Abdulrahman (HOD), Mr. Mohammed Sakiti, Mr. Manikandan, Dr. Loganathan, and Business Society Staffs & Student Members for support and cooperation towards the workshop.


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Registration Committee of the Business Studies Department organized the Student Induction Programme in coordination with the Business Society, LRC (Learning Resource Committee) and CRC (Curriculum Review Committee) for the students joined in Diploma 1st Year in the AY 2019-2020, Semester 2, starting from 4th February 2020 to 6th February 2020.

The registration committee members highlighted the vision and mission of the college, organization structure, different courses offered in Business Studies Department, passing grades, assessment methods, probation status, course withdrawal, dismissal cases, and other details. Explained the role of advisors and how it helps the students in pursuing their studies especially while choosing a specialization and choosing the right combination of courses to optimize their learning. The registration committee members further advised the students to get in touch with their respective advisors constantly for further details. 

The business society committee members gave the details of student clubs in the business department and motivated the students to participate in those activities for their overall personality development. 

In addition, the LRC committee members also created awareness about the E- tools available in the college for an effective teaching-learning process in this programme. More than 60 students were benefits from these induction sessions.

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The Health and Safety Committee – Department of Business Studies conducted a presentation on "Use of Fire extinguishers and Fire safety" on 14th November 2019 and 28th January 2020 for different levels of Business department students.  

Mr. Enthiyaz Khan, the Coordinator of Health and safety committee of the business department gave the presentation wherein he spoke on Fire Triangle, Fire extinguishing basic principles, Classification of Fire, Types of Fire extinguishers and method of using fire extinguishers, rules of fighting fire, and first aid for fire injury.  The presentation was well- organized which empowered the knowledge of students on fire safety.

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The Students Research Committee (SRC) of Business Studies Department has organized “ORIENTATION FOR SENIOR PROJECT STUDENTS”, on 21st January 2020, between 12.00 Pm to 1.30 pm at the VIP Room. The purpose of the presentation is to train the project students about the project structure and how to prepare and submit a proposal to The Research Council (TRC). Dr. M.Tamilselvan Lecturer, Business Studies Department handled the session and demonstrated the project students how to undergo the project and prepare a quality report. Around 45 students and 13 staff members participated in the presentation from both advanced diploma and bachelor level project students. Dr.Anasar and Dr.M.Tamilslevan – Project- Coordinators have organized and coordinated the orientation program.

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IbriCT represented by Dr Hafedh Al-Rahbi, ADAA, Dr Duhai Al-Shukaili, head of IT department, Dr Abdulrahman Al-Ismaili, head of Busienss Studies department, Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, head of IEU, Dr Amal Al-Abri, IT lecturer, and four engineering students, participated in the Nationaly Symposium for the National Strategy for R & D 2040. It was organised by The Resaerch Council (TRC) on Sunday, 15th December 2019, at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center, Muscat. Delegates from various government and private institutuions participated in the sysmposium, which aimed at finalising the national strategy for research and development 2040. 


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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IEU), represented by three Engineering students, Husam Al-Moqbali, Issa Al-Zadjali, and Omar Al-Hinai, participated in Al Roya Youth initiative Award 2019 under “Recycling” category. Al Roya Newspaper organised an appreciation ceremony on Sunday, 15th December 2019, at Sundus Rotana Hotel, Muscat, to appreciate the first three winners in eight different categories. The students won second place and a prize of 1000 OMR in a recycling project, which aims at converting fish waste into fertilizer. 

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The Business Studies Department organised a farewell party on Wednesday, 18th December 2019, for Mr Sandeep Kale appreciating his efforts and contributions in the last Six years. The Head of the Department, Dr Abdulrahman Al-Ismaili, gave a memento of appreciation and a certificate containing the signatures of all business staff to Mr Sandeep wishing him a successful career life.


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Ibri College of Technology, represented by Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, HRM lecturer, Ms Sabha Al-Manthari and Ms Sadaa Al-Shukri, HR Officers, participated in the 5th Annual Conference in Human Resources (HR) field from 10 to 12 December 2019 at Oman Convention and Exhibition Center. The conference was organised by the Omani Society for Human Resources Management (OSHRM), the first and only such entity in Oman, run by members from both the private and public sectors, to exchange knowledge, experiences and practices in the field of HR. The main aim of the conference was to bring together a diverse group of thought leaders and practitioners on a common platform to share their practical experiences with the audience. 

          On the first day, a series of workshops were delivered on different HR-related topics, including talent management, creating a mentally healthy workplace, the art of building and measuring employee experience, building a coaching culture, and building HR capability to support leaders. On the second day of the conference, Dr Ghalib Al-Hosni, the President of OSHRM, delivered an opening speech to the audience and briefed them about the agenda of the conference. Local and international speakers discussed several issues in businesses such as the power of autonomy, the culture of leadership, the importance of emotional intelligence, coaching for powerful transformation, and harnessing excitement in the workplace. On the third day, different topics were discussed, including the landscape of future jobs, HR at the heart of technology, recruitment and technology, human capital, and access to professional and educational opportunities in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


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