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IbriCT, represented by the Dean, Dr Hamdan Al Manthari, head of the IEU, Mr Mohammed Al Sakiti, head of the HSAG, Ms Sumaya Al Jassasi, HSAG staff, Mr Ali Al Ghafri, three members from the Student Advisory Council, and three students from each academic department, participated in the 9th Students’ Forum of the Technical Colleges held at Al Musanna College of Technology from 1 to 4 March 2020. The key theme of the forum was “Where Technology is Invented”. The main purpose of the forum was to give students from the seven technical colleges the platform to exchange knowledge, thoughts, ideas and experiences to learn from each other.

IbriCT participated in three competitions as follows:

1-Markathon Competition: Students need to market an innovative product or service through new and advanced digital marketing tools.

2-Datathon Competition: Students need to utilize open data to develop an innovative solution for a major problem faced by the local community.

3-Robotics Challenge Competition: It is an event where a robot competes with other robots to be the best after completing specific tasks.

IbriCT students won three prizes as follows:

1-IT students won the first prize in the Datathon Competition and 1000 OMR prize money from Oman Arab Bank. The following students represented the IT Department:

                                I.            Salim Ali Salim Al Badi

                             II.            Akram Salim Hamed Al Shukaili

                          III.            Haitham Ali Bati Al Yaqoobi

2-Business Studies students won the third prize in the Markathon Competition and 350 OMR from Omantel. The following students represented the Business Studies Department:

                                I.            Noor Bader Salim Al Gharibi

                             II.            Safiya Humaid Said Al Ghafri

                          III.            Haneen Hamed Salim Al Kalbani

3-Engineering students won the third prize in the Robotics Competition and 350 OMR prize money from the National Bank of Oman. The following students represented the Engineering Department:

                                I.            Usama Abdullah Zayed Al Shuaili

                             II.            Al Basil Sarhan Nasser Al Yaqzeedi

                          III.            Salah Al Deen Mohammed Ali Al Shuaili


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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) in coordination with the Industrial Link Committee of the Business Studies Department organised an industrial visit to Ocean Plastics Industry on Tuesday, 10th March 2020, for a group of 15 students. The main purpose of the visit was to give students exposure on how to manage a medium-sized business with emphasis on operations management and marketing techniques. Mr Ahmed Al-Mamari, the owner of the business, explained to the students the production process and different types of products supplied to local and international companies. The students were accompanied by the head of IEU, Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti.

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU), represented by three student companies, participated in the 5th Entrepreneurship Forum at the College of Applied Sciences, Ibri, from 25 to 26 February 2020. The three participating student companies are 9 Powers, Rouh and Path Cleaners. The forum gave them a valuable opportunity to show their innovative products to the public. They also got feedback and comments on how to make improvements to their businesses in the future. At the end of the forum, all the participants received a certificate of appreciation for their active participation in the forum.

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) organised an entrepreneurial talk on Thursday, 5th March 2020, from 10 am to 11:30 am at the VIP room. Mr Abdulaziz Al-Ghafri and Mr Morai Al-Yaqoobi, the owners of Dexter’s Lab Café, delivered a presentation on the journey of their business emphasizing the business idea, unique features of the business, challenges faced by the owners, marketing techniques and future plans. They also drew 20 free vouchers for the attendees to visit the café. At the end of the presentation, the head of IEU, Mr Mohammed Al-Sakiti, provided a certificate of appreciation to the speakers thanking them for their participation.


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The Students Research Committee (SRC) of Business Studies Department has organized a presentation on “Data Analysis for Business Research”, on 11th February 2020, between 12.00 PM to 2.00 PM at the A016B.  At the outset, Dr.M.Tamilslevan gave an overview of the presentation theme and the resource person. The session was handled by Mr.Asif Mahmood, he demonstrated the importance of data analysis and how to perform the data analysis using Micro Soft Excel. Around 60 students from both Advanced Diploma and Bachelor levels and 13 Business Studies Department staff members participated in the presentation. Dr.Ansarul Haque and Dr..M.Tamilslevan – Project- Coordinators have organized and coordinated the presentation. The presentation was concluded with the vote of thanks to HOD- Business Studies Department, Department Staff and students for their active participation. 

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As part of the department operational plan, the OJT and Entrepreneurship Committee, has jointly organized “CV Writing Workshop” on 19th February 2020 at Venue: A016A. The session started at 1 p.m. and the speakers Dr.Syeda Zubaida Hashmi and Mr.Asif Mahmood Alizai have briefed the students on the importance of CV writing, contents of CV and Do’s & Don’ts in the CV. The students were actively involved and learned ‘how to build an effective CV’ through this workshop. The speakers also enlightened the participants on how to upload and display their CV on various websites. This will enable their CV to seek the attention of various employers online and helpful for them to build their professional career. Most of the participants were bachelor level students and both the speakers made the session more interactive with them. The workshop concluded at 2 pm with vote of thanks to the College Management, Head of Business Studies Department and both the committee members for their co-operation & active participation.

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As a series of activities conducted in the Risk Management Committee of the Department of Business Studies, an awareness program for all business students was conducted on 19th February 2020 (Wednesday).  The coordinator of RMC Mr. Enthiyaz Khan conducted a presentation by giving an elaborate meaning of risk management & its objectives at IbriCT.  The speaker explained the Risk identification, different types of risks, such as Strategic, Operational, Financial, Complain and Reputation risks with examples. Students enjoyed the session with full interaction with the speaker. Later, the feedback was collected from the students for further improvement in RMC.

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IbriCT represented by three student companies, 9 Powers, Path Cleaners and Rouh, participated in Injaz Oman Exhibition 2020 from 13 to 15 February 2020 at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (OCEC), Muscat. The exhibition was organised by Injaz Oman. The main aim of the exhibition was to give student companies an opportunity to promote their innovative products and services by interacting with the public. The CEO of 9 Powers Company, Abdullah Al-Ghafri, expressed his satisfaction as many visitors came to see the innovative product made by the company. Miaad Al-Farsi, the CEO of Rouh Company, commented on this event saying that “This is a great opportunity for us to interact with other student companies and exchange experiences with them, which will help us improve our products and move forward”. The CEO of Path Cleaners, Idris Al-Kalbani, said that his team is really enthusiastic to transform their idea into a reality in the near future. The three student companies qualified to the next stage of Injaz Oman competition 2020. 

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Learning and Resource Committee of the Department of Business Studies of Ibri College of Technology organized a practical session on enhancing E-Learning potential in teaching and learning methodology. The seminar formally inaugurated with the introductory address by Dr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdullah Al Ismaili, Head of the Department of Business, stressed the importance of following the rules, regulations and college policies and procedures. He also explained the possible instances of plagiarism that cannot be detected by the Turnitin software. He expressed the seriousness of checking the assignment diligently and returning the comments back to the students for corrections in the assignments. The session was more focused on the Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy of MoM and eLearning applications to fulfill it. Dr. Syeda Zubaida Hashmi, Coordinator of Learning and Resource Committee acquit the gathering of faculty members with a practical overview of the Plagiarism Policy of MoM, Assignment evaluation, online quizzes, and uploading YouTube videos. The session was followed by questions and answers on which Dr. Zubaida positively replied. The instructions on improving the quality of assignments' evaluation and the need for the students' awareness of the policy was the center of the session. The teachers are also informed about the supervision by the higher authorities to ensure the quality of education and utilization of the eLearning is in place.


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Department of Business Studies of Ibri College organized a decentralized Induction Program for a week for Fresher of Diploma 1st year. It was a joint program organized by the Business Society, Learning & Research Committee and Registration Committee of the department. The program was spread over four seminars wherein students of different sections were oriented about the Department of Business and the College of Technology. They were also oriented curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities for their holistic development. Each seminar of induction was divided into three sessions wherein Dr. Abdulrahman Mohammed Abdullah Al Ismaili, Head of the department and Coordinators and members of Departmental committees addressed to the students. 

Learning and Resource Committee: Dr. Syeda Zubaida Hashmi, Coordinator of Learning and Resource Committee of the Business department and the LRC member Dr. Mohammed Younus focused on the significance of the E-learning portal, Outlook mail Account and Turnitin anti-plagiarism software. The students were familiarized with the usage of E-learning to retrieve study material, videos, books, URLs, quizzes, etc., for enhancing their knowledge and to accomplish academic goals. They were also educated about the importance of Outlook mail Account and were informed that their queries will be resolved within two working days from the date of forwarding mail. They were discouraged to communicate lecturers on private contact numbers, Whatsapp, Instagram and on any other social media except Outlook and eLearning. They were explained about the Academic Integrity policy with respect to plagiarism and oriented as to how to write citations and references while preparing project reports and assignments. They were discouraged to copy the intellectual property of others. 

Registration Committee: Mr. Jayakumar Aswathaman, Coordinator of Registration committee and the member Mr. Abdul Naser of the department highlighted the curriculum of Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor stage and number of courses involved in each stage. They were also informed about the classification of courses at the college level, Department level and in different Specializations. They have enlightened the procedure of adding, dropping, withdrawal and grade improvement of courses. They gave a comprehensive presentation on scores, grades and cut-off scores for each course and cautioned the consequences of probations.

Business Society: Mr. Adul Majeed K. and Mr. Abdul Naser M. members of the Business society of the Business Department had shown the prominence of communication skills for the achievement of academic and career goals. Students were familiarized with various Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities conducted by Business Society and milestones achieved. Business society is a platform that provides wonderful opportunities for budding managers to add feathers in their cap by participating in different innovative programs.

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