Engineering Department

The Engineering Department at IbriCT is one of the fastest growing engineering school in Oman with an annual growth of more than 20% in the last few years. The School enjoys some of the best equipped hardware laboratories in the nation, with regular multi-million investments into expanding and maintaining its world-class infrastructure.

Students benefit from programs specifically designed for the needs to Omani industry that cover the engineering sciences with rigour and also have a strong emphasis on 'hands on', practical learning experiences.


Head of Department

As head of the Ibri College of Technology Engineering Department, I can assure you, if you're interested in exploring and applying technology, you've come to the right place. With a rare combination of top scholars, IbriCT Engineering is one of global leader in engineering education and application.

Here you'll learn to think logically, deal with uncertainty and change, work with technology in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, communicate effectively and collaborate with other bright students, all within a supportive community.

The department is committed to achieve the college vision and mission and contribute in the development process of the country by fulfilling the market demand for highly qualified and skilled graduates. This can be achieved by quality teaching and training putting a great emphasis on practical work in workshops and laboratories through experiments, exercises and projects. In addition to that, health and safety and communication skills are also taken into consideration in order to raise the student’s awareness in health, safety and environmental issues affecting individuals at the workplace and surrounding community.

Students pursuing engineering careers can look forward to promising futures. If you're seeking a career in business, I.T or any other courses, you'll find a degree in engineering is an excellent foundation. Meanwhile, you can take advantage of the College's other strengths. With faculty support, many students convert research projects into commercial products and their own successful companies.

 Nasser Al Shammakhi