English Language Centre

The English Language Centre at UTAS-Ibri provides a holistic learning milieu to enhance students' aptitude for language learning. It aims to develop students' linguistic proficiency and provide them with a platform to get trained in language skills, which are prerequisites in academic settings and imperative in global job markets. The centre facilitates and enables learners to become competent in critical thinking, communication, and study skills. It also offers language services to Academic and Non-Academic units. The centre has a welcoming and flexible environment where our students are welcomed, encouraged and facilitated to learn the language in all its completeness and embark on a new phase of life. Moreover, the centre empowers the students to hone their linguistic abilities, gradually progress towards personal and professional goals, and align them with the development and vision of Oman 2040.


The ELC houses state-of-the-art facilities for students, well equipped classrooms, the Self-Access Centre (SAC), self-access labs and self-study rooms. It has separate free access labs for boys and girls that help them connect to the digital world through varied learning activities like assignments, projects, research, etc. A comprehensive e-learning and Moodle portals facilitate the students of foundation and post-foundation with Self-Directed Learning(SDL). SAC is another place that provides access to the students to learning resources needs and interests. In other words, it is a place where students work independently in order to enhance their English language proficiency.