Curriculum Development and Teaching Methods Section 

The English language curriculum and the methods of instruction facilitate learning and help the language lecturers to achieve their teaching objectives and learning outcomes. 

The key objective of curriculum design is to ensure that the language enhancing activities, instructional planning, design, implementation, and evaluation must be logically aligned to the aims of General Foundation Program (GFP). The goal of these teaching intermediations and the array of activities initiated must be aimed at augmenting its students' level of personal, linguistic, academic, metacognitive, and attitudinal preparedness for the first year of their degree program in a holistic way.

The right blend of teaching approaches and strategies make the curriculum result-oriented, maximize the learning prospects for GFP students. The methods used to enhance language learning skills include the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method, community language learning, team-based learning, task-based language learning, project-based learning, learning by doing and experiential learning, flipped classrooms, self-study to develop self-directed and self-regulated learning 9 GFP pedagogical framework at UTAS strategies, inductive and deductive, analytic and synthetic, or technology-based learning. The customized approaches meet students' learning needs, preferences, and cognitive personalities.

The English Langauge curriculum is designed and executed to prepare students for comprehending English in diverse written and spoken contexts. The English language curriculum focuses on four primary linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. General study skills and cognitive skills are given utmost importance as they are crucial for language and academic skills. These skills equip students in preparedness for the first year specialization courses and a base for post-foundation courses.

Head of Section

Dr Maryam Saif Said Al Ghafri

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