Maths Section

Department of IT is one of the major and well established departments of Ibri College of Technology and support the college to attain our Vision and Mission by providing high quality education to our society.

The Mathematics Section is a part of IT department, Spearheaded by 14 faculty members, of which 4 are doctorates and the rest are Post graduates. Their qualifications and experiences form the very backbone of this department. Talents of such caliber sure impart excellent knowledge to enlighten and stimulate the spirit of learning. Our team members have published more than 18 research papers in reputed National Journals and 26 papers in International Journals in various aspects of mathematics. The prime objective of the Mathematics Section is to help the students to enhance their understanding of the basic concepts of Mathematics at various level of their curriculum from Foundation to Bachelor degree.


Head of Section

As we are aware of the fact that the future of our country lies within your able hands, I encourage you to make utmost use of the facilities being provided in IbriCT. I assure you that throughout your stay here, you'll be surrounded with competent mentorship of learned teachers, state-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms, and absolute learning ambiance. I am sure, if your make good use of these facilities, you'll come out in flying colours and have a prosperous career.

I wish you all a great stay and happy learning at IbriCT.

 Dr R. Pugalarasu Rajan

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