Office 365 workshop

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The Server Support Team of the ETC-CSS, Mr Eugene Cuizon and Ms.Asila Al-Alawi, in coordination with the ETC Staff Development Team, conducted a session on how to manage MS Outlook and Office 365 in Lab 3 on 11 January 2018.

The objectives of the session were for staff to learn how to create online survey forms and quizzes, how to use online MS Office applications, how to use One Drive as cloud storage and become familiar with other Office 365 applications.

The session started with an overview of Office 365, followed by hands-on activities with Microsoft Outlook, Forms and OneDrive.

In MS Outlook, staff were taught on how to add email signatures, configure auto-reply, set rules, add a folder and setting up calendar. The MS Outlook quick access toolbar, settings, and search options were also explained.

In MS Forms, staff had activities on creating surveys, quizzes, polls and get results.

A follow-up session on other Office 365 applications will be made available soon.

31 staff members from various departments/centres attended the session.

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