Three Days Training and Coaching on Balanced Scorecard, Strategic Planning, Objectives and KPIs-Muscat (4-6 September 2019)

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 The Ministry of Manpower organised a 3-days workshop for the Colleges of Technology from 4 to 6 September 2019 in the Higher College of Technology at Muscat. The workshop involved staff members from the seven Colleges of Technology: Higher College of Technology, Ibri College of Technology, Shinas College of Technology, Salalah College of Technology, Nizwa College of Technology, Al Musanna College of Technology and Ibra College of Technology. In addition to staff from the Colleges of Technology, staff from the Ministry of Manpower attended the workshop. 

This workshop, which was conducted by strategic planning and balanced scorecard experts, aimed at developing strategic and operation plans for the colleges of technology based on balanced scorecard. This interactive workshop will be followed by individual workshops conducted in college of technology.  

The workshop participants from Ibri College of Technology were the College Dean, Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari, the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Mr. Rashid Al-Hinai, Head of IT Department, Dr. Dhuhai Al-Shukaili, Ms. Heba Qurashi, Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Manthari and Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ismaili.  

The workshop was interactive and practical. In the first day, the workshop focused on strategic planning, selecting and prioritizing objectives, building strategy maps, showing relationships between strategic objectives and defining strategic objectives. The second day was about process identification and linkages and ontology, KPIs and target development. In the third day, the workshop focused on strategic initiatives and operational planning. Each college had the opportunity to discuss their strategic plans with the instructors and all inquiries were answered.  

Ibri College of Technology staff planned to conduct training for all departments and centres at the College in order to develop the College SP and OP based on balanced scorecard. Each individual department will develop a Strategic Plan and an Operational Plan based on the balanced scorecard workshops conducted.  

On September 22, Ibri College of Technology Strategic and Operational Plans will be reviewed by the experts. In this review, strategic objectives, definitions, priorities, strategy maps, process linkage, strategic linkages, strategic initiatives, KPIs and operational plans will be reviewed. Based on this review, Ibri College of Technology will plan for the next steps that need to be followed. 

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