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QAD Monthly Review Meetings

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As part of continuous efforts to enhance the quality of work at IbriCT, QAD practices review of its activities and performance of the QAD staff on weekly basis. QAD Chair approved QAD annual plan for A.Y 2019-2020 on 8 September.2019. Every officer at QAD prepared an individual plan linked with the annual plan of QAD. These plans list all the tasks that should be accomplished in the A.Y. 2019-2020. These plans serve as a planning and a tracking tool to ensure timely and appropriate preparation for OAAA accreditation along with regular QA activities and functions at department and centers.

QAD assigned ambassadors to all departments and centers at IbriCT to provide additional and constant support in all QA related tasks. The following QA officers were assigned to be ambassadors different D/Cs:

  • Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ismaili – QA ambassador for IT Department
  • Dr. Shaik Mastan – QA ambassador for Engineering Department
  • Dr. Abdulsalam Almanthari – QA ambassador for Business Department
  • Dr. Ansarul Haque – QA ambassador for ETC
  • Ms. Basma Al-Alawi – QA ambassador for Student Affairs Department and Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

QAD ambassadors to D/Cs submit weekly plan reports and weekly achievement reports to ensure that all tasks assigned are completed. They conduct weekly meeting with D/Cs to make sure that QA work is progressing smoothly and to spread the QA culture among all staff at IbriCT. In addition to weekly progress plans and weekly progress reports, QAD organizes meetings to discuss performance and monitor the progress made in its annual plan. QAD ambassadors/officers provide weekly progress reports to QAD Head. QAD Head reviews the performance reports and consolidates them as progress reports of QAD Officers. As per the results of the performance, star of the month is identified. This consolidated report is presented to the dean on Saturday meetings. In the same meeting the tasks accomplished and the tasks due are discussed.

As a result of QAD meetings the following QAD officers are announced as star of the month for semester 1:


Star of the Month

Meeting Dates


Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Manthari

Saturday 5 October 2019


Dr. Ansar

Thursday 7 November 2019


Dr. Shaik Mastan

Thursday 5 December 2019

Dr. Hamdan Al-Manthari always appreciates the efforts of QAD and encourages its approach of self-review. QAD will retain this practice for the enhancement of QA as a culture.


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