End of Semester Staff Gathering

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Ibri College of Technology conducted a 2-day end of semester staff gathering on 24-25 December 2019 to recap the achievements of the College and to foster camaraderie and enjoy recreational activities through games and fashion walk.

On day 1, the morning session consisted of indoor games, such as balloon blowing, face the cookies, treasure hunt, stack attack and fashion walk while the afternoon session consisted of outdoor games, such as tug of war, 100-meter race, cycle race and spoon walk.

On day 2, the awarding and closing ceremony was held at the Multipurpose Hall to sum up the College achievements in Semester 1, AY 2019-2020 and to distribute prizes to the games’ winners. During the ceremony, Dr. Hamdan Al Manthari, College Dean, encouraged staff to work in harmony, to do the work within one’s ability and to be happy. Then Dean, Assistant Deans, academic and non-academic HoD/HoCs and the QAD Head gave a brief summary of their achievements.

Assistant Deans and HoD/HoC attendees were the following:

  1. Hafedh Al Rahbi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
  2. Rashid Al Hinai, Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs
  3. Nawal Al Sawafi, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  4. Abdulrahman Al Ismaili, Business Studies Department Head
  5. Nasser Al Shammakhi, Engineering Department Head
  6. Ms Heba Qureshi, Quality Assurance Department Head
  7. Moza Al Balushi, Admission and Registration Department Head
  8. Mohammed Al Sakiti, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit Head
  9. Sultan Al Ghafri, English Language Centre Head of Section (ELP).

Ms. Heba thanked the QAD Officers, QA Coordinators and College Level Committee Chairs for their valuable contributions.

The next part of the event was the prize distribution to the winners. The table below shows the list of winners for the indoor and outdoor games:


Indoor Game





Balloon Blowing

1st  Mr. Rashid Al Kalbani  (SA)

2nd  Dr. G. Kumarvel (ENG)




Face the cookies

1st Ms. Heba Qureshi (ELC/QAD)

2nd  Mr. Devasenapathy (ENG)






Treasure Hunt

Mr. Santhosh Byatappa (ENG)

Mr. Akram Pasha (BUS)

Mr. Ali Al Ghafri (SA)

Mr. Rashid Al Kalbani (SA)




Stack Attack

1st Mr. Rashid Al Kalbani (SA)

2nd Mr. Arnel Rayos Del Sol (ETC)

3rd  Ms. Amal Ashour Awad (ELC)






Fashion walk

1st  Mr. Enthiyaz Khan (BUS)

2nd Dr. Vijay Paduguri (BUS)

3rd Mr. Mohammed Riyaz (ENG)



Outdoor Game







Tug of war

Mr. B. Santosh (ENG)

Mr. Devasenapathy (ENG)

Dr. Pugalarasu Rajan (IT)

Mr. Mohammad Faisal (BUS)





100-Meter race (Male)

1st Dr. Mohsen Amiri (ELC)

2nd  Dr. Abdulsalam Al Manthari (ELC)

3rd Mr. Ali Al-Ghafri (SA)



100-Meter race (Female)

1st Dr. Laly Antoney (BUS)

2nd Ms. Heba Qureshi( ELC)






Cycle race

1st  Dr. Abdulsalam Al Manthari (ELC)

2nd  Mr. Ali Al-Ghafri (SA)

3rd Mr. Aron James (ENG)




Spoon walk (Male)

1st  Mr. Aron James (ENG)

2nd Mr. Krishna Kumar (ENG)

3rd  Mr. Devasenapathy (ENG)




Spoon walk ( Female)

1st Dr. Ammani Ammal (BUS)

2nd Dr. Michelle Mendoza (ELC)

3rd Ms. Heba Qureshi (ELC)

Staff feedback was taken at the end of the second-day event to improve the upcoming end of semester staff gatherings.

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