IbriCT’s policies help the college establish rules, guidelines and procedures relating to its major activities. The Policy Management Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing the college’s policies through ad hoc committees. A comprehensive list of the college’s policies and their current statuses can be found below. 

The college aims for its policies to meet the needs of all its stakeholders. Therefore, this page features links that stakeholders can use to view the policies, give feedback on existing policies, and to suggest/request new policies. Links to view the policies will be activated as the policies are approved and translated.

Teaching and Learning

# Policy Title Status Download
1 Examination Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
2 Moderation Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC

Student and Student Support Services

# Policy Title Status  Download
3 Student Induction Policy Approved ENGLISH ARBIC
4 Student Advising Policy Approved ENGLISH ARBIC 
5 Student Grievances Policy  Approved ENGLISH ARBIC 
6 Student Project Policy Approved ENGLISH ARBIC
7 Feedback to Students Policy Approved ENGLISH ARBIC
8 Student Feedback Policy Approved ENGLISH ARBIC

Staff and Staff Support Services

# Policy Title Status  Download
9 Staff Grievances Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
10 Staff Severance Policy Approved ENGLISH  ARABIC
11 Exit Interview Policy Approved ENGLISH  ARABIC
12 Handover Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC

Research and Consultancy

# Policy Title Status  Download
13 Research and Consultancy Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
14 Intellectual Property Approved ENGLISH ARABIC

General Services and Facilities

# Policy Title Status  Download
15 Bench marking Policy Approved ENGLISH  ARABIC

MoM Policies, Mechanism and Frameworks

# Policy Title Status  Download
 16 Risk Management Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
17 Documentation Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
18 Health and Safety Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
19 Academic Integrity and Honesty Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
20 Enhancement of Student Discipline Policy Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
21 Enhancing Student Retention and Progression Policy Approved  ENGLISH ARABIC
22 Mechanism For Enhancing Graduate Destinations and Employability Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
24 CDRF (Curriculum development and Review Framework)  Approved ENGLISH ARABIC
25 Common Pedagogical Framework Approved ENGLISH ARABIC