Counseling and Graduates Follow-up

The guidance and counseling of students is an integral component of the educational mission of UTAS-Ibri. The Department of Counseling offers different services and support to the students to promote personal, social, educational and career development of all students. The services include both academic and non academic. The environment maintained by the department is confidential and dependable.

The department has a counselors are trained to listen with empathy and help students to deal with their problems. The professional staff is multidisciplinary and the team includes well trained staff, social work, student personnel and higher education. The department constantly strives to instill morals and values in students of UTAS-Ibri, so that they can become responsible citizens of the country.

The counseling department provides various services through the following:

  • Every semester has a new intake of students.
  • Organize induction week and distribute pamphlets with information related to academic and non-academic counseling and tips to cope up with college life.
  • Introduce students to organization and its hierarchy, different departments like IT, business and Engineering.
  • Identification of students who are academically at risk.
  • A systematic analysis of grades, levels of probation according to departments Providing guidance and counseling to students by following advising management system.
  • Counsel and guide the students about probation status and the grades require to come out and overcome the probation risk
  • Personal counseling is provided to the students
  • Every activity aims at holistic development of the students Organizes seminars, workshops and allocates time for induction weeks to create awareness among the students.
  • Create awareness on the culture of the country and their responsibilities towards the country.

Alumni Activities

  • Alumni Meet
  • To establish new contacts and intensify network for placement activities

Support Services

  • Address students grievances.
  • Advice the students on academic and non-academic issues
  • Regular communication to the parents about the overall performance of their wards.
  • Follow-up graduates for placement activities.
  • Create Awareness on culture and the society.
  • Educate the students on social responsibility.
  • Coordinates with other educational institutions of repute to conduct different workshops and seminars on career guidance.
  • Establish good rapport with counseling centers of other colleges and Universities.
  • Active participation in the events related to counseling and guidance.
  • Organizes Graduate’s day which becomes an ideal platform to have healthy interactions on the college campus.