The Online Evaluations, Design Evaluation Rubric for Online Teaching and Learning

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The integration of online evaluation in the academic realm has transformed the very face of teaching and learning. It has simplified the evaluation process, facilitating teachers to provide quick and constructive feedback on students’ results and progress.

Mr Abdullah Salim Al Balushi drew the attention of the ELC staff to the various facets of Online Evaluations, Design Evaluation Rubric for Online Teaching and Learning through his presentation on May 5, 2021, at UTAS-Ibri. The webinar was hosted by the English Language Centre in collaboration with the professional Development Committee, ELC.

Mr Abdullah underlined the main differences between the purposes, techniques and tools used in assessment and evaluation. The presentation also focused on different online evaluation purposes, processes and methods. He also elaborated on innovative teaching methodologies used in online and traditional teaching and learning approach.

He emphasized Evaluation Methodologies that have stressed the importance of determining the purpose of the evaluation process. Other significant aspects of the presentation that generated interest in the audience were the challenges faced by online program evaluators and using a rubric for online evaluation.

The methodologies, interesting quick-tips and use of a rubric for online evaluation were the rich takeaways of the presentation.

Mr Abdullah Al Balushi has contributed immensely to the academic world. His vast teaching experience and rich administrative skills are exemplary.  He currently heads the Examination Committee at the English Language Centre of UTAS –Ibri.

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