Translingualism and Translanguaging Pedagogy in ELT 

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The Research and Consultancy Committee of the ELC, UTAS-Ibri, hosted a webinar on December 23, 2021, on Translingualism and Translanguaging Pedagogy in ELT.

Dr Maria Luisa Saministrado introduced the term "translanguaging" as the process whereby multilingual speakers use their language as an integrated communication and "languaging" as the term used to refer to the activity of mediating cognitively complex ideas using language.

The speaker stressed the importance of translingualism to bilinguals and multilingual communities. She also shared how power politics influenced the country's language policy and the status of minority languages. She also stated that language minorities in most countries continue to be educated in the dominant language without leveraging their home language practices.

The topic was novel and interesting enough to make language teachers think about integrating new methods and practices in language teaching.


Dr Maria Luisa Saministrado holds two doctorate degrees: A PhD in English at the University of Newcastle, Australia and a PhD in Educational Management from Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan. She was the former head of the English Language And Literature Department of XU-Ateneo, where she served for seven years and was also the Director of the English Communication Development Institute ( ECDI ). She has produced several English textbooks for tertiary and high school students, which are used in various universities in the Philippines. Also, she has published papers in peer-reviewed journals on language and literature.

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