How to use Masader to Write Literature Review?

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The English Language Centre of UTAS-Ibri held a webinar titled How to use Masader to Write Literature Review? on February 3, 2022. The speaker Dr Laly Antoney shared a list of parameters to define a researcher and literature review as an art of expressing oneself through awareness of the know-how of the research process. 

She highlighted the significance of literature review as it provides the basis upon which the researcher establishes the research context, formulate research problems and develop the research design and data collection tools. She cautioned the audience to look for credible scholarly sources and acquainted them with the list of indicators. A few tips on keeping track of citation through Refworks, Endnote, Zotero, Mendley were highly appreciated.

In her presentation, she shared the literature review process and ways to search for scholarly literature in Masader, the virtual library database of the University. Both amateurs and experienced research scholars were immensely benefitted as the information shared was of immediate use.

According to Dr Laly a committed researcher is aware of the established school of thoughts, current knowledge, proven research methods, and tools prior researchers have adopted to address the current or similar research topics. She further stated that researchers ought to be conversant with the skills to search for credible scholarly sources to synthesize and portray the relevant literature's current status in their chosen field of study. The English Language Centre thanked her immensely for her efforts and contribution.


Dr. Laly Antoney is a faculty member of the Business Studies Department, UTAS –Ibri, and has more than 24 years of international teaching experience (India, Bahrain and Oman) in Business education. Dr Laly holds a doctorate in Commerce from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India. Dr Antoney's professional philosophy is to continually develop teaching and research expertise through active engagement with professional bodies. She also aspires to utilize these skills to positively impact and constructive changes in education, research, academic fraternity, students and the larger community.   


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