Adopt, Adapt, Improve

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Assessment is a crucial element in enhancing the overall quality of teaching and learning in higher education. What and how students learn depends to a major extent on how they think they will be assessed. Online academic programs are becoming more prevalent across the world. All assessments lead to student learning, but a fundamental challenge lies in stimulating the right kind of learning. Therefore, assessment practices must be designed to send the right signals to students in shaping the effectiveness of student learning – about what they should learn and how they should learn.

The English Language Centre of UTAS-Ibri hosted a webinar titled Adopt, Adapt, Improve on January 27 2022. The guest speaker Kinda Abd Al Rahman highlighted the pivotal role of assessment in online academic programmes in her presentation. She emphasized the importance of assessment and considered it an important means of measuring a student's progress, achievement, and feedback while pursuing online credit courses. She underlined the significance of summative and formative assessment, interactive assessments and self-assessment. Challenges like academic integrity, high workload, technical issues and students' isolation were also discussed. The audience could relate and found the know-hows effective and practical.


Kinda Abd Al-Rahman is an Authorized Imperial UK English teacher. She is an English teacher with a BA in English Literature, and she has ten years of experience in teaching English to different ages of students. She has conducted various communicative workshops and designed teaching materials for personalized courses. 


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