How to Overcome Struggles during the Acquisition of a New Language

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ELC at UTAS-Ibri conducted an online workshop on Thursday, February 10, 2022 on “How to Overcome Struggles during the Acquisition of a New Language” by Lourdes Sarita Alzamora Vargas, Peru. It was organized by Staff Professional Development- English Language Centre at University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Ibri-Oman.

Ms Laurdes focused on integrating Emotional Intelligence in language classrooms to achieve learning outcomes. She emphasized on making EI as part of language curriculum as it helps students to overcome traumas, resilience and unexplained fears while learning English as a foreign language. She further stated that teachers play a vital role in creating a conducive learning environment and sustain the interest of the learners, especially during pandemic times. 


Ms Lourdes Sarita Alzamora Vargas has been Teaching English for over 18 years at different private schools, institutes and universities. She runs a school of her own and conducts English and Spanish online sessions.

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