Online Learning during Covid 19 Pandemic

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Dr Mariam Al Ghafri, the Head of Curriculum and Teaching Methodologies, ELC, UTAS Ibri, presented significant findings of a research conducted at the beginning of semester one, 2021, to study the experiences of Foundation Program Students who took online courses during COVID-19 Pandemic at UTAS-Ibri. The objective of the survey was to know the challenges faced by the students and the ways and means to overcome them. It also tried to study the efficacy of the instructional methods and resources provided by the ELC. The survey was in Arabic with open-ended questions for free responses. According to the survey, 125% of the students who responded felt staying motivated and focused was a significant challenge, and 75% said domestic distractions were a major issue. The other challenges identified were less interaction with teachers and peers, internet difficulties, limited resources, and time management. On a positive note, students overcame challenges through peer tutoring, reviewing lecture notes and adhering strictly to the schedule provided. The survey also highlighted the effectiveness of instructional resources, and e-books and interactive activities topped the list. 


Dr Mariam Al Ghafri is the Head of Curriculum and Teaching Methodologies UTAS IBRI. She has a doctorate in Education and Technology from the University of Sheffield /United Kingdom
She believes that inspiration, motivation and support can unlock the hidden potentials of individuals.


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