Establishing the Students' Activities Office in the ELC

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One of the Students' Activities Committee (SAC) objectives has been to create a room for language-based extracurricular activities for the foundation and the post foundation students. The dean of the university, Dr Hamdan and the head of ELC, Dr Abdulsalam, extended their support and facilitated the English Society's establishment. It has become a hub for training and engaging Foundation and Post foundation students.

It has become an excellent platform for students to enhance their communication skills. Training students in small groups and peer tutoring programs have been in great demand since the start of the English Society. More than 150 students have been trained through Peer Tutoring and Teacher training sessions daily, and more than 15 students have been trained as trainers to teach their peers as tutors. It has welcomed more than six outstanding highly-skilled students enrolled as members of the English Society.

Overall, approximately 200 students have enrolled in the English Society so far. Many lecturers have recommended their students to the English Society for training purposes. Initiating the English Society office has been the most significant achievement for the Students' Activities Committee.

 The English Society consists of seven members, and all of them were trained to deliver to motivate foundation students by visiting various classes. Our mentors have visited more than 15 classes and have encouraged many students with their inspiring pep talks. Many thanks to Ms. Adeebah and the English Society mentors for their artistic talents in decorating the office.

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