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18 Tutorial Workshops for GFP Students

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After establishing the official training office, the Students’ Activities Committee received many students. In order to prepare students for the midterm and final exams, the committee decided to organize tutorial workshops for each level. In the first semester (AY 2021-2022), the committee organized six (Writing & Speaking) workshops, and in the second semester, the number of workshops reached 12. Out of 18 workshops, 16 were done by Dr. Mohsen Amiri and Ms. Adeebah Al Sawafi for foundation students. Two workshops were done by Ms. Sandra (TW1, March 29) and Ms. Lubna (Level 2 Writing, April 24). The second semester’s workshops were like a series, and more than 800 students attended, not only from our university but also from many other colleges and universities in Oman. The recorded sessions of all the workshops are available on the English Society Teams channel and Instagram. Each workshop lasted for 2 hours. Some of the workshops are available on YouTube as well. The committee would like to thank Ms. Moza, Samiya and Mr. Syam for their active role in the workshops. Last but not least, we would like to appreciate Dr. Abdulsalam (HOC) for his constant support and encouragement throughout this remarkable achievement. 


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