The Second Debate Competition at ELC

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Julie Walters aptly quotes: “Debate is so much better than denial’’ For the second time in AY 2021-2022, the ELC Students’ Activities Committee conducted another debate competition on June 1,2022. This time, two groups of Public Speaking students compete against each other. The topic of the debate was ‘Teachers’ Attitudes vs. Teaching Methodologies’. The topic was selected by the students after providing them with more than 35 different topics. Overall, the debate was competitive and interactive. Many students and alumni from different levels actively participated in the ceremony. Both teams were excellent based on the feedback, and that is the reason the competition was neck to neck. As per the final scores, Team B received two marks more than Team A; however, out of three judges, two judges announced Team A as the winner as per their overall judgments. The best speakers from each group were chosen by the judges as well.

The ELC Students’ Activities Committee extended heartfelt thanks to the judges and Ms. Heba and Ms. Sandra, who encouraged and supported their students to make the competition a grand success. The lists of winner teams are as follows:


  • Mr. Mazaher Engameh
  • Ms. Zahra Zohair Arab
  • Ms. Nasiyba Salim Saif Al Ghafri

Team A: (First Place)

  1. Samah Mubarak Said Al Ghafri
  2. Hamam Salim Hamdan Al Shaaili
  3. Abdullah Marhoon Mana AL Kalbani
  4. Jawahir Hamed Muslem Al Yaaribi

Team B: (Second Place)

  1. Abdulaziz Khalid Abdullah Al hinina
  2. Marwah Mohammed Ali Al Mazrouai
  3. Shuhd Ali Aamir Al Hatmi
  4. Afara Ghamil Obaid Al Wahshi

Best Speakers of the Debate:

  1. Samah Al Ghafri (Team A)
  2. Afara Ghamil Obaid Al Wahshi (Team B)
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