Online Error Correction Techniques

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The Professional Development and E-Learning Committees of English Language Center, UTAS, Ibri, organized an online workshop on Thursday 22 October 2020 on “Online Error Correction Techniques” which was conducted by Ms. Somiai El Naggar (Egypt). Ms. El Naggar is an English Teacher Assistant at Canadian International College COE & Founder of Be a Bee Company for teacher training and English Courses. RELO Mentor Trainer, TESOL and IELTS Holders from London Teacher Training College. The online workshop started with a brief introduction of some error correction techniques, differences between errors and mistakes, some issues learners might face with, interesting and motivating questions in the chat box, etc.  Somiai practically showed to the audience the different techniques that teachers should follow in order to give feedback like taking advantage of body language, gestures, hints, etc. She added to that, the various technological tools that can be adopted to deliver online feedback The session was appreciated by international participants from Egypt, Nepal, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Oman, Iran, USA, etc. Towards the end of the online workshop, Dr Abdusalam, the Head of Centre, and Mr Faisal Shamali thanked Somiai for sharing her experiences.

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Sunday, 25 October 2020 00:00 Written by  Ms Anuradha Dorepally and Mr Faisal Shamali In ELC
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