Academic Programs offered by the ELC

The ELC offers Foundation and Post-Foundation Programmes which are structured based on the curriculum designed and a holistic approach to enhance the linguistic competency of the students who opt for different specialization programmes.

Foundation Programme

The Foundation Programme has four levels: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 and each of these levels prepare students to become conversant with the basic skills of listening speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. Level 4 is advanced and trains students to use English language to write reports and projects. The foundation programme is a pre-requisite to be eligible for Post-Foundation programmes.

Post-Foundation Programme

As part of Post-Foundation courses the ELC offers Technical Writing I, Technical Writing II, Technical Communication and Public Speaking as these are pre-requisites for their specialization courses. The ELC has also plans to offer  English for Specific Purposes in the Post-Foundation Programme in the near future. There is a proposal to start customized English courses for Information Technology, Business Studies and Engineering. This will enable students with contextual use of English in their areas of specializations. The teaching materials will be designed in collaboration with the respective departments and the ELCs of the UTAS university.

UTAS Profoundly believes that effective learning can be enhanced and augmented with learners’ autonomy. Major part of learning happens through instructional strategies that make students responsible for the learning and discover their potential through self-learning and teaching. Hence, the prime objective of the instruction is to engineer learning experiences that make a learner self-reliant.