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As a part of Health and Safety activity, a programme on Industrial Safety Practices was conducted in the Engineering Department. The presentation was given by Mr Bader Al Muqbali, Health and Safety Coordinator from Majan Electricity Company, Ibri on 12 June 2019 at 11 am to 12 noon in the Free Access Lab (B001), Engineering building.

In his presentation, he gave clear information about the safety practices in Majan Electricity Company and safety precaution measurements in Oman. The use of fuses, miniature circuit breakers (MCB), moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB) in the substation were explained. 

He also explained the importance of helmets, safety glass, high visibility clothing, masks, gloves, overalls, safety belts and safety boots in the substation. He also explained the structure of the power station and the types of cooling oil used in the transformers, material used in the transmission lines and various voltage levels used in Ibri. Handling of frayed electrical cords, ungrounded machinery, working from ladders, visiting premises and sites awareness about the parking area, positions of fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, and assembly point was explained.

40 students and five staff members benefited from this programme with good interaction.


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The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised a presentation on “Manufacturing Simulation Using Arena” on 8 July 2019 for the faculty members from Mechanical Engineering Section.

The Arena modelling system is a flexible and powerful tool that allows analysts to create animated simulation models that accurately represent virtually any system. Arena employs an object-oriented design for entirely graphical model development. Simulation analysts place graphical objects called modules on a layout in order to define system components such as machines, operators, and material handling devices. Dr V. Sivananth introduced Arena Software and discussed in detail how to use the software for manufacturing shop floor problems in industry. The programme was well received by the participants and encouraged the speaker for hands-on training in the next academic year. 


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As a part of Health and Safety activities, a programme on the improper use of mobile phones was conducted in the Engineering Department. The presentation was given by Mr Enthiyaz Khan, Health and Safety Coordinator from the Business Department on 19 June 2019 at 10 to 11 am in the Free Access Lab (B001), Engineering Building.

In his presentation he explained the improper use of the mobile phone in that the cellphone emits and receive signals, and while these signals are nothing but radio frequency, they are most dangerous to the living things in Earth. During the last five years of this research, it was found that those living within 400 meters of cell phone towers had a newly-diagnosed cancer rate three times higher than those who lived further away. Breast cancer topped the list, but cancers of the prostate, pancreas, bowel, skin melanoma, lung and blood cancer all increased. To avoid the these dangers, follow the important points.

  • Keep your cell phone away from the body while talking.
  • Use earphones or Bluetooth while communicating.
  • Use landline phones where possible.
  • Try to send messages as an alternative to talking on cell phones.
  • Try not to talk on the mobile phone for more than 15 minutes at a time.

30 students and three staff members benefited through this programme with good interaction.


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The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised a presentation “Dynamic Advisor Assistance Tool” on 20 June 2019 from 1.45 to 3 pm in the Free Access Lab of the Engineering Department, Ibri College of Technology. Mr D. Prasanna Venkatesh invented the DAAT tool, for the benefit of the advisors. He demonstrated the use of the newly devised tool “Dynamic Advisor Assistance Tool” to the staff of the Engineering Department. The tool was invented to reduce human errors. 

This tool properly guides the advisor during pre-advising and advising. It also dynamically helps the advisor in different situations, such as when to advise five courses, when to advise four courses, when to advise mixed level courses and so on. This tool also helps the advisor by giving a warning message and sound when the advisor makes mistakes during advising and pre-advising. It also helps the advisor to check whether his advisee is eligible for Advanced Diploma, Bachelors, and so on. It also helps the advisor to check marginal or critical cases, amongst others.


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The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department, Ibri College of Technology, conducted training on “General Cycle Refrigeration Trainer with Hermetic Compressor” on 20 June 2019 at 10 am in new thermodynamics lab. 

The service engineer, Mr Ashok from Imtac L.L.C, explained the need and importance of refrigeration systems. He then demonstrated the refrigeration trainer kit and provided tips for the maintenance of refrigeration kits.

The speaker encouraged the participants to ask questions and he and clarified their queries. The participants benefitted and reacted positively to the programme. 


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On Monday, 17 June 2019 The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), under the initiative of Mr Arnold Santos, held the “Present Around the World” Sultanate of Oman Qualifying Competition at Modern College of Business and Science in Muscat. This qualifying competition is aimed to get the Oman representative for the GCC Regional Competition, which is tentatively set be held in either July or August 2019; with the host country still not finalised. The winner of the Regional Competition will be sent to the global competition, which is to be held in Greece.

The Oman Qualifying Competition has 11 contestants coming from Ibri College of Technology, Nizwa College of Technology, Ibra College of Technology, Shinas College of Technology, Military Technological College, Gulf College, and Modern College of Business and Science.

Ibri College of Technology sent two student representatives: Ms Carmel Ghani (Presenter No. 1) and Ms Omaima Hafedh Al-Shaibani (Presenter No. 9). They were accompanied by two staff members, Mr Abdul Hafeez Sajid and Mrs Lizette Ivy C. Pascual.

The First Place Winner was from Nizwa College of Technology, Second Place from Shinas College of Technology, and Third Place from Modern College of Technology.

Even though IbriCT representatives did not win, it was a fruitful and meaningful experience for them. They learned a lot from the presentations and presenters. It encouraged them and made them realise the areas where they can improve in, to become better presenters and versions of themselves.


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The Health and Safety Committee, in coordination with departments, centres and QAD, organised a fire evacuation drill in association with officials of authority of Civil Defence for the entire college campus to protect it from danger of fire whenever emergency arises. The drill was carried out on 17 June 2019 at 9am.

After a meeting with Civil Defence officials, exhaustive preparations were made. Awareness presentations on fire emergency were given to students and staff of all departments.

Fake smoke was created on the ground floor of the main building and it was communicated to Civil Defence authorities.

After the fire alarm, all staff and students in the building were evacuated systematically without any hindrance in a short period of time and assembled in the assembly point.

Civil Defence personnel reached the college campus with fire bridges within nine minutes of communication and extinguish the fire.

They also demonstrated emergency rescue operations with a volunteer who fainted in the ground floor of the main building and was taken to hospital.

Similar activities of fire evacuation were carried out in the Engineering Building.


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Conference Report

Ibri College of Technology (IbriCT), Engineering Department, planned to conduct its First National Conference on the Recent Trends in Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Technology - CASET 2K19 on 11 June 2019 with the objective of bringing together innovative academicians and industrial experts from all over the country, in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology, to a common forum. A proposal was submitted to the dean in December 2018 (proposal attached). The dean approved the proposal granting a total budget of 400 OMR for the conduction of the event. Dr Rehna Veerankutty Jameela was assigned as the conference coordinator. A series of meetings was conducted (minutes of the meeting attached). Different committees were formed, and responsibilities were assigned to committees in charge and their members (List of Committees and responsibilities attached). The CASET Logo was designed, an exclusive email address (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) was generated and a conference website was created. QR codes for the conference website and feedback form were also generated. A call for papers (email copy attached) email was send to all Colleges of Technology, Applied Science Colleges and Private Engineering Colleges across Oman, inviting research papers and posters from students, research scholars, faculty of colleges and professionals across the Sultanate in three different tracks: Applied Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The response to the conference was tremendous and the committee put in a lot of effort in short-listing the papers for presentation in the conference. Based on the request by authors from different institutions, the paper submission deadline was extended from 23 March 2019 to 7 April 2019. Original manuscripts were received as papers and posters from authors across eight institutions (List of papers received attached). These papers have been made to undergo thorough double-blind review processes by subject experts. The paper review report with reviewer comments was communicated to the authors via email and they were requested to revise the paper accordingly (Paper review report attached). The 27 best papers and 10 best posters were accepted for presentation in the conference, based on their technical merits (List of accepted papers attached). Acceptance notifications were sent to all authors of accepted papers and posters via email. The conference had a paper rejection ratio of 20%. 

The authors revised the papers based on the expert comments of the reviewers and sent the camera-ready paper by 8 May 2019. The authors were asked to register online by completing and submitting the online registration form in the CASET website. All the authors of accepted papers and posters completed the online registration by 22 May 2019. A conference proceeding containing all the accepted papers was printed and published. This proceeding will provide the scientific world with an excellent reference book and will be a motivation to stimulate further study and research in all these areas. 

 The conference was conducted on 11 June 2019. Dr Hamdan Mohammed Al Manthari, college dean, gave the welcome speech. The conference was inaugurated by the guest of honour, Engineer Sheikh Abdullah Bin Talib Bin Ali Al Hinai, Director General of Housing, Ad Dhahirah Governorate. Many distinguished delegates graced the occasion with their presence. The guest of honour and dignitaries released conference proceedings at the inaugural session. Mr Rashid Said Rashid Al Hinai, assistant dean of administrative and financial affairs, gave the keynote address. After the inaugural session, the research papers were presented in three parallel venues, under three different tracks namely; Basic Mechanics, Manufacturing and Thermal Engineering in the Lecture Theatre; Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering in the Multipurpose Hall and Mathematical Modelling, Design and Data Management in the Electronics Skills Lab, B105. The posters were exhibited at the corridor, ground floor of Engineering building for visitors. 

67 participants from eight institutions across Oman attended the conference and presented their papers and exhibited the posters (Programme schedule attached). The papers and posters presented at the conference were further reviewed by the sessions’ chairs and evaluators and the best papers and posters were shortlisted and awarded during the valedictory session. 

The best paper award in each track were given to:

  1. Dr G. Sugumaran from Nizwa College of Technology, for the paper titled, “An Algebraic Approach for Lower Order Model Formulation of MIMO Linear Time Invariant Continuous Systems”
  2. Dr Binumol S. from Shinas College of Technology, for the paper titled, “Physical Modelling on Hydraulic Performance Characteristics of Perforated Quarter Circle Breakwater” and
  3. Dr S. Joseph Sekhar from Shinas College of Technology, for the paper titled “Performance studies on HC/HFO/HFC refrigerants and mixtures as an eco-friendly replacement for R134a in domestic refrigeration systems” 

The best poster award was given to:

1. Mr Veera Sivakumar C. H and Mr Mohmmed Mosoud Bati Sulaiyam Al Hinai from Ibri College of Technology, for the poster titled “Technical Review of High Voltage Direct Current Transmission (HVDC) and GCCIA Project”.

Lunch was organised in the Multipurpose Hall at 1.30 pm, followed by a valedictory session at 2.30 pm int the Lecture Theatre. Mr Nasser Al Shammakhi, head of the Department of Engineering, gave the vote of thanks during the concluding session. All presenters and participants were honoured with mementos and certificates during the closing session. 

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 The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised a training programme on Governors Apparatus and Brake Drum Friction Apparatus on 27 May 2019 from 10 am to 1 pm.

The training session was conducted by Mr Dinesh, engineer/technician from P.A Hilton Ltd.

The governor apparatus includes the porter governor, proell governor and Hartnell governor setups. With this setup, one can study/observe the lift-off speed of the three different types of governor, the effect of varying sleeve weight or spring force on the operation of a governor and the stability of a governor. The lift verses speed can be plotted for all the governors and the same can be verified analytically. 

The Brake Drum Friction Apparatus has a brake drum with an internal expanding shoe. Depending on the direction of rotation of the drum, this shoe acts as leading shoe or trailing shoe. The objective of the experiment is to compare the braking effect of a leading and trailing shoe. In addition, a coefficient of friction for the brake lining on a bare aluminium drum can be evaluated. 

Faculty members as well as the technicians of Mechanical Engineering benefitted from the training session.


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 The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised a two-day training programme on Four-stroke Petrol and Diesel Engine Trainer Kit on 28 and 29 May 2019.

The two-day training programme on installation, commissioning, demonstration and maintenance of four-stroke petrol and diesel engine was conducted out at new thermodynamics laboratory. The resource person from ATLAB called to familiarise staff with the installation, commissioning, demonstration and maintenance of engines for the Thermodynamics II lab. Mr Dinesh Murugesan, assistant manager Customer Support, gave training in following areas:

  • Performance test on petrol and diesel engines
  • Load test on petrol and diesel engines
  • Heat balance sheet on diesel engine
  • Maintenance of the petrol and diesel engines

All the participants benefitted from the training.

Participation and Interaction of staff members


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