Research Scope on Inter-laminar Fracture of Laminated Composites

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The Staff Research and Consultancy Committee of the Department of Engineering organized a research orientation program titled, “Research Scope on Inter-laminar Fracture of Laminated Composites”, for the faculty members on Thursday, May18, 2017 at 10 am in the Manual Drawing Hall (B106). Dr.V.Alfred Franklin, Lecturer of Engineering Department was the speaker of the program and he addressed the research scope of aerospace composites and damage tolerance analysis.

Dr. V. Alfred Franklin started his presentation with different types of composites. The interlaminar fracture toughness is a measure of the ability of material to resist delamination. The experimental determination of the resistance to delamination is very important in aerospace applications. Different kind of specimens and experimental methods are employed to measure the interlaminar fracture toughness of composite materials. He presented a new analytical model to evaluate the inter-laminar fracture toughness, incorporating root rotation, and compared it with existing models, and found a close agreement.

Dr.V.Alfred Franklin further explained comparison with other models on determination of mode I critical energy release rate. The energy release rate determined, using the present model was in good agreement with various elastic foundation models and published test results. The present model is simple and it does not require out-of-plane extensional modulus and shear modulus for fracture energy estimation.

Dr.V.Alfred Franklin also mentioned the research scope, in the area of aerospace and marine applications, where more models that are mathematical are required to evaluate the compressive strength of the composites under bi-axial loading.

The program was well received by the staff, who actively interacted with the presenter. Mr. Nasser Al- Shammakhi, Head of the Department, Dr. Dr. V. Ilankumaran, Head of the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Section, and Dr. K. Elangovan, Head of Mechanical Engineering Section led the said event. Dr. Elangovan concluded the presentation with interesting live examples.

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