Arduino Basics and application

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The Electrical and Electronics Section of the Engineering Department conducted a five-day workshop on Arduino Basics and Its Applications on May 7-10, 2017, 2:00-4:00 pm, at the Electronics Workshop (B120), with the assistance of the Engineering Society. Twenty-nine (29) students mostly from the Electronics Engineering Section participated in the said event.

Three (3) resource speakers shared their knowledge on Arduino, namely: Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sajid (Technician/Staff

), Ms. Ibtisam Suliman Al-Hatemia (Advanced Diploma Electronics Engineering Student), and Mr. Majdi Qasim Ali Al-Azri (Diploma Electrical Power Engineering Student).

During the first day of the workshop, Mr. Sajid and Ms. Ibtisam gave the overview on the Arduino Board and the basic concepts of Arduino Programming.

On its second day, the participants engaged in hands-on experiences using the Arduino Board and familiarized themselves with the Arduino Compiler. Mr. Majdi and Ms. Ibtisam supervised the practical sessions.

The speakers talked about the Control Statements of Arduino and cited the “Blinking of LED Example” on the third day. Mr. Sajid, Ms. Ibtisam, and Mr. Majdi were all present to supervise and assist in the practical sessions.

The fourth day was spent for the introduction of concepts of Embedded C Programming with C for Arduino where simple programs were also featured. Mr. Sajid and Ms. Ibtisam were the assigned resource persons for the day.

The last session of the workshop focused on the application of what the participants learned from the aforesaid workshop. They were all given simple tasks to perform by themselves. The final practical sessions were supervised by the three resource persons. They helped and assisted the participants to complete their respective tasks and they also answered all the lingering questions that were raised.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 00:00 Written by  Lizette Ivy C. Pascual & Mr. Abdul Hafeez Sajid In Engineering Tags
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