Engineering Conduct Induction Program for New Students

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In a strategy employed since last academic year in order to reach more students, the Engineering Department held the Induction Program for New Engineering students in the CECE 1100 (Engineering Graphics) Sections’ class time; depending on class schedule of each section and the availability of the assigned speakers. This semester, there are 7 sections in Engineering Graphics. Thereby, the Induction Program was held from October 2-5, 2017, at the Graphics and AutoCAD Laboratory Rooms, depending on the agreed schedule.

The IbriCT College and Engineering Department Rules, Regulations, and Policies were presented and emphasized to each student who were present such that they will be oriented and inducted, to guide them on what to do in certain instances or cases while studying here in IbriCT.

Dr. Ilankumaran (HOS of Electrical and Electronics Section), Dr. Elangovan (HOS of Mechanical and Industrial Section), Dr. Geetha (Registration Coordinator for Engineering Department), and Mr. Ragupathi (Registration Coordinator for Engineering Department) were the assigned speakers.

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