Estimation of Calcium Deficiency by Medical Image Processing with Back Propagation Algorithm

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The Research and Consultancy Committee, in association with the Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department, organized a Lecture, “Estimation of Calcium Deficiency by Medical Image Processing with Back Propagation Algorithm”, on October 26, 2017 from 9.00am to 10.00am.

Dr.G.Kumaravel, Lecturer, Engineering department, delivered the lecture. The presentation started with the calcium levels required for different age groups and the conventional methods available to detect the level of calcium in humans. The conventional methods use blood and urine samples, which are painful procedures for children and the accuracy of the results vary with drugs injected like Antacids, thyroxin and vitamin D pills.

He proposed a method that uses image-processing technique with back propagation algorithm to analyze the X-ray report. The x-ray image is stored in DICAM format and converted to JPEG image by infraviewer software. The converted image is stored in MATLAB. The gray scale image is converted to a binary image. The binary image is fed as input to Artificial Neural Network Controller, which uses back propagation algorithm to identify the calcium deficiency.

The lecture was highly informative and beneficial to all the participants. It created an awareness in the field of medical image processing.

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