Program on Strategic tools to Implement SCL Activities

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The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organized a presentation on “Strategic Tools to Implement Student Centered Learning Activities” on 02 November, 2017 from 1.45pm to 2.45 pm.

Dr. Naveed Hussain, Lecturer in the Mechanical Section of the Engineering Department, conducted the program, followed by a short hands-on training for all teachers.

Dr. Naveed introduced the important functions and tools available in Microsoft Excel and also showed a sample demonstration on generating multiple question and their answer keys. He stated that giving assignments or exercises to students was not having its full effect in the past, as many students tend to exchange the information over mobile devices and were not putting a personal effort to solve analytical and numerical problems. Hence the use of this strategy was emphasized.

He also stated that such a move would benefit the students with a low CPGA and who are under probation, to get more actively involved in solving multiple exercises. This move would help such students in knowing the methodology of finding answers rather than the answer by itself.

The staff were given brief training on generating the questions and answer keys for the assignments, exercises and quizzes to be given in the class. All the participants benefited from this program.

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