Program on Revised Blooms Taxonomy

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The Staff development Committee of the Engineering Department organized a program on Revised Blooms Taxonomy on 01 November, 2017 from 9.00am to 10.30am.

Dr. K. Elangovan, HoS, Mechanical Section, Engineering Department, conducted the program.

Blooms Taxonomy is a common tool for curriculum planning and instructional delivery and assessment. Blooms Taxonomy briefed about classification of thinking (six levels of complexity). After 40 years of application, it was revised in 1995, as the Revised Blooms Taxonomy. The nouns of building blocks of learning are replaced with action verbs to have a better understanding on higher level of thinking and learning.

In this presentation, the Revised Blooms Taxonomy on assessment procedures for higher order learning was discussed. The presenter also briefed about significance of rubrics in assessment to raise the standards of assessment. Activities were also carried out during presentation on review of learning outcomes on the basis of the Revised Blooms Taxonomy and writing questions for the higher order learning.

This program was well received by the staff and highly beneficial to the participants.

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