Programme on “Innovative Teaching Methods”

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 The Staff Development Committee of the Engineering Department organised a programme on “Innovative Teaching Methods” on 31 January 2019 from 01.30 to 02.30pm.

Dr K. Elangovan, HoS, Mechanical Section, Engineering Department, conducted the programme.

The programme started with a brief explanation about the need for innovative teaching methods in the current student-centred education system. An introduction was given on different innovative techniques such as the flipped class room, design thinking, experimental learning, gamification and project-based learning. A detailed discussion was done on the advantages of flipped class room teaching over conventional teaching methods and about the challenges faced following this new technique.

Apart from this, another effective teaching approach called the design thinking method was also discussed in detail. Various stages such as empathise, define, ideate, prototype and testing in design thinking teaching technique were clarified with an appropriate example. Design thinking enable students to enhance their creativity to fine solution for human-centred problems. The programme ended with an activity in which ranking of the different teaching methodologies were collected from the participants and compared with student feedback on it.

This programme was well received by the staff and highly beneficial to the participants.


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Monday, 11 February 2019 00:00 Written by  : J. Stephen Leon In Engineering
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