Al Murtfa School visit to Ibrict, On the occasion of the National Week of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM-2019) on 10 March 2019

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This report is regarding the visit of Al Murtafa School (Ibri) to Ibri College of Technology and experiences during the visit on 10 March 2019, guided by N. Srinivasa Rao, lecturer and students of Electrical Power Engineering. 

On the occasion of National week of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics              (STEM-2019), 32 students of Al Murtafa School (Ibri), with one teacher and two supervisors, reached the college at 09.15am. The students were gathered in the Multipurpose Hall of the Engineering Department. The students of Electrical Power Engineering explained the principle of batteries, the applications of batteries, and the ongoing research in Nano Technology batteries. 

The Electrical Power Engineering students practically demonstrated how to measure the voltage of a battery with digital multi-meter, charging and discharging process in dry, lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries, maintenance of batteries, and safety practices. The Electrical Power Engineering students demonstrated the homopolar motor run by battery, led torch, and different types of batteries. Then school students visited the Electrical, Electronics, and Mechanical Engineering laboratories. The visit ended at 11.30am.

This trip was very helpful to the school students to acquire knowledge about batteries and ongoing research in nano-technology batteries. The school students were inspired by our college. Some of them have decided to study at Ibri College of Technology after completing their school studies.


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