Report on Industrial Visit to Manah Power Station

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A batch of 19 Second Semester B-Tech second semester Electrical Power students and one faculty coordinator visited the Manah Generating power station, situated near Nizwa, on 20 February 2019.

Mr Ther Musab ah Ali Al Muslmi, the engineer in charge, addressed the students and introduced the company, its objectives to generate of electricity, deliver this to the power grid, and based on the request of the grid, increase or decrease the amount of electricity generated.

Mr Al Muslmi gave a detailed analysis of the total capacity of the Manah power plant. He explained how the station employs a gas turbine as the prime source for the generation of energy. It consists of the following:

  1. Compressor
  2. Regenerator
  3. Combustion chamber
  4. Gas turbine
  5. Alternator 

Later, he demonstrated the process of generating power in different units with different capacities, operation and metering section. 

During the session, the students interacted with the engineer very effectively, particularly about the generation of power, alternator, turbine working, and the type of fuel used.

All the students expressed their thanks to the officials for the opportunity given. This visit was highly useful for the students. 

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