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Ibri College of Technology offers the non-credit Foundation English Language Programme. It is designed to equip the students’ linguistic competency in order to meet the demands of the Post-Foundation academic requirements. This programme is categorised into four levels: Level 1; Level 2; Level 3; and Level 4. Students are grouped based on the result of their placement test regardless of their intended specialisation.

Level 1 is the starting point of the English Language Programme at Ibri College of Technology. Students who are placed in this level usually have limited skills in English. This level focuses on giving students an introduction in English language learning as well as college study skills.

Level 2,like the three other levels, is a skill-based level which equips students with elementary level grammar and structures, basic writing, reading, listening and speaking, and thinking skills. This course intends not only to develop their language rudiments and basic academic strategies but also to sustain their language learning needs at the intermediate level. The students are given instruction in a communicative approach.

Level 3 is allotted to those who have passed Level 2 and for those who have acquired the target passing mark on the English Placement Test. Level 3 incorporates the skills learnt in the previous levels and heightens the language learning acquisition in Level 2 in the four macro skills: Reading, Listening, and Speaking, and Writing.

Level 4 reinforces the skills achieved in Level 2 and Level 3. This level also applies to students who have obtained the required entry score for the Advanced Level Placement Test. This level is designed to actively promote extensive practice of English in a variety of learning situations. In addition, this course provides a higher level of competency in critical thinking skills, communication and study skills. Moreover, this advanced stage prepares the students with the necessary linguistic tools and higher academic strategies they will use in the Post Foundation Courses.

The English Foundation Programme comprises of the following four levels and skills:

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