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An orientation programme on specialisation choice was conducted on Tuesday, 10 March 2020. The purpose of this programme was to help students of the Information Technology Department who will move from Diploma Year-I to Year-II and Diploma year-II to Advanced Diploma during the summer semester of AY 2019-2020 to choose their specialisation. 

Mr Rajasekeran, Registration Committee coordinator, and Mr Shaik Mastan Vali, Academic Support Committee Coordinator for the Information Technology Department, arranged this programme.  In this programme, department students Mr Salim Ali Salim Al Badi, Ms Aya Bashir Salim Al Hadhrami and Ms Zainab Awadh Mohammed Al Saadi discussed with the level movement students the courses offered, marks, grades, and credits and briefly explained the content of each course in each level under different specialisations. During this programme, they gave detailed information about each specialisation, its scope and job opportunities, etc. At the end our department registrar, Mr Rajasekaran, discussed with the students the different criteria (CGPA FDL4 score and IELTS score) for moving levels, IBRICT-offered specialisations and the deadline to submit feedback. He concluded the session by clarifying the students’ doubts and providing important guidelines and advice that help students choose their specialisation.  

 Ms Samiya Al Yaqoobi, IT-Coordinator, provided support to complete the successful completion of the programme. 

Only four students attended the programme. The programme started at 12 noon in Lab-A119 attached (Hardware Lab) and ended at 1 pm. The Registration Committee and the Academic Support Committee of the IT Department organised the programme.

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The Project Committee of the Information Technology Department held a workshop on, “Writing a Literature Review Report “on Tuesday, 10 March 2020 from 12:15 to 1:30 PM in room A201. The speaker for the session was Dr Mohammed Amir, ELC Lecturer. The course project students from all the levels attended the session. Dr Amir gave insight on how to write a literature review report for the course project. He informed that a literature review represents the main work done by the researchers and review of that is to give a self-opinion on the literature. He further enhanced the understanding saying that the literature review is to build, present and update the knowledge of readers of your project. He suggested students to seek the opinion of the supervisor as to how they would like to see the literature addressed. He emphasised saying that reading is the key.  He also threw light on tips to select good content to contribute to the literature. At the end, he used an activity for students to check their understanding in selecting good content for the literature review. The students demonstrated a good grasp of the subject. It was an interactive session. At the end, Ms Sana Fathima, member of the Project Committee, provided a certificate of Appreciation to Dr Amir thanking him for his efforts and time.                          

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An academic advising workshop was conducted on Tuesday, 25 February 2020 and Thursday, 27 February 2020. This workshop helped the Information Technology Department lecturers to gain detailed knowledge about the academic advising policy, procedures for various academic advising processes, CGPA calculation, CIMS and AMS utilisation. 

Ms Fatma Al Mandhari welcomed all the lecturers with a short introductory speech about the purpose of the workshop. She explained Article 25 that describes the role of lecturers, the detailed information about the academic advising policy, the purpose for this workshop and discussed the feedback from the probation students. 

Mr Rajasekeran, Registration Committee coordinator, discussed the advising producers and rules, course withdrawal policy, appeal procedure, resit examination procedure, probation status updates, IELTs updates, OJT criteria, number of courses advised and registered by the students, criteria for registering additional courses, and transcript issues in the first session. This information is very useful to lecturers to handling the advising process.   In the second session, Mr Rajasekaran distributed sample transcripts to the lecturers and showed them how to calculate the GPA, probation level and identify the issues in the student’s transcript. Apart from this, real time explanation was given to show the facilities available in CIMS and AMS related with advising and the registration process. Both sessions were interesting and useful to the lecturers and advisors. 

All the Information Technology lecturers attended the workshop for both sessions. The programme started at 12 pm in Lab-A109 and ended at 1.50 pm on both days. The Registration Committee of the Information Technology Department successfully organised this programme and we would like to thank them for their efforts.

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The Information Technology Department, through the Academic Support Committee, conducted the Student Induction Programme on Wednesday, 5 February 2020 in Lab B119.  

The induction programme is especially organised for the new Post-Foundation students who joined in Academic Year 2019-2020, Semester 2. The objective of this programme is to give an idea on various specialisations available in the Colleges of Technology in the field of Information Technology. This programme focuses on various aspects such as CGPA, IELTS, requirements to move to higher levels, purpose of on-the-job training, advisor advisee meeting, warning letters in courses and student grievances.  Ms Wardah Al Majrafi, member of Academic Support Committee, provided information about each specialisation and comparisons between Database and Software Engineering, Networking and Internet and E-Security.

The Induction programme received good response from the students. In the end, feedback was collected from the students.

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Mr Shaik Asif, the examinations coordinator from the Information Technology Department, conducted an orientation session on the examination policy along with existing procedures and practices to be followed. The presentation started with an introduction of the committee structure to staff members, stating the members as CECC (ADAA), CECH, and department coordinators. The roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder who is covered under this policy, along with all the procedures to be followed during examinations, were discussed.

In addition, the latest updates on the conduction of examination procedures, practices and student/staff instructions, were explained to the staff and they were asked to follow the same during examination sessions. During this presentation, the head of the department, Dr Duhai Al Shukaili, and the examinations coordinator clarified queries raised by staff members regarding the policy, procedures and practices. The session was interactive, informative and fruitful.

Finally, the examination coordinator emphasised the role and importance of the examination policy in implementing academic integrity and security.

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On Tuesday, 28 January 2020 students from Ibri College of Technology (IbriCT) visited the Military Technological College (MTC), Muscat. The objectives of the visit were primarily to establish a joint collaboration and exchange experiences between the two colleges.

The college visited the Military Technological College in coordination with the liaison officer, First Lieutenant Jamal bin Nasser bin Ali Al Sudairy. The students arrived at 11 am, and a reception was provided by the MTC. This was followed by a presentation explaining the brilliance of the scientific college of the MTC.

The following facilities were explored:

  1. Network Room of the Information Technology and Systems Department
  2. Workshop of the Information Technology and Systems Department
  3. Server room in the Information Technology Department
  4. Aviation Engineering Workshop
  5. Systems engineering workshop

At the end of this programme, a memorial gift was presented by the head of Information Technology and Systems Department to IbriCT, which was received on behalf of the college by the visiting supervisor Mr Qasim Al Yaqoubi, Student Affairs Specialist - IbriCT. 

Overall, ten students visited MTC along with the supervisor. 

The general feedback score for the visit was 4.65. 


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Fatma Al Mandhari conducted an awareness session for Information Technology Department staff on 30 January 2020 at 02:30 pm. At the beginning of the session, an introduction was given about the Human Resource Committee (HRC). The main role of this committee was discussed along with its responsibilities, such as assisting the HRD in identifying the training programs for each department and centre. The role is mainly to assist and follow up with all activities conducted by the Human Resource Department (HRD). The chair of this committee is Mr Rashid Al-Hinai, the Assisting Dean of Financial and Administrative Affairs (ADFA). 

Later in the session, four policies were discussed which are Handover, Staff Grievances, Staff Severance and Benchmarking policies. The statement, scope and reasons for each policy were discussed in detail.


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Dr Laly Antoney, QAD ambassador to the Information Technology Department, conducted an awareness session on the College Document System (CDS) on 28 January 2020 at 2 pm in Lab A109.

The purpose of the session was to orientate staff on the intended purpose of the CDS, naming norms of filing, methodology, and types of personal portfolio folders for staff to be created, including the roles and duties of Information Technology staff in the maintenance of CDS.

Thirty-three staff members attended the session. The session concluded at 2.20 pm.


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The Information Technology Department organised a workshop on “Flipped Learning” on 21 January 2020 at 12:00 pm in Lab 223. Dr Amal Al Abri, lecturer, Information Technology Department, conducted the workshop. The workshop included the following topics: 

  • Definition of Flipped Learning
  • Advantages of Flipped Learning
  • The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P
  • Fitting with Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Flipped Learning and blended learning
  • Types of Flipped Learning
  • Moving Forward with Flipped Learning

The speaker introduced eight types of flipped learning. The flipped learning technique was implemented through the demonstration of the different types of flipped learning by the audience in a group-based method. 

There was an interactive session during the workshop. The workshop ended at 02:00 pm.


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The Project Committee, along with the Academic Support Committee, conducted “Course Project Orientation” and “How to Prepare a Project Proposal” orientation on 21 January 2020 in the venue LAB A110.

The session started at 12:15 pm with the course project orientation which was handled by Mr. S. Ahamed Nishath, Project Coordinator – IT Department. First, he welcomed the course project students of the IT Department. Then he explained the various activities to be completed during the course of a project. To begin a project, he requested the student to submit the project proposal for each group as per the requirement of the department in the prescribed format. He suggested discussing the project ideas with anyone of the teachers before writing a proposal. Once the proposal obtained approval after review by an ad hoc review committee, each group will be assigned a supervisor. Once the supervisor has been assigned, student groups can start their project work activities according to the instructions and guidance of supervisors.

He explained the various documents and reports to be prepared by project groups and to be submitted to level coordinators. He insisted that students submit the necessary documents on or before the deadline. He mentioned the importance of meeting supervisors regularly, at least once a week and updating activities in the project plan acknowledged by the supervisor. He informed and showed the students about the availability of the necessary forms and instructions in Moodle. He requested all the project students to enrol in Moodle. He also enlightened the students about the assessment and the use of documents during the review. He ended the session by answering students’ questions.

This session was followed by “How to Prepare a Project Proposal” by Dr Monther Ali. He elaborated on preparing a project proposal in general. Then he explained in detail the various sections to be written in the proposal and the kind of information to be provided in each section, with simple examples to facilitate understanding by the students. Students were interested to know more about this and eagerly attended the complete session which ended at 1:20 pm. A total of 25 students attended the session.

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